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Lock Access to Your Windows Desktop Quickly

Locking Your Windows Desktop Made Easy Leaving your computer for a short time but don’t want anyone peeking at your desktop or files? Simply lock it. When you lock your desktop, anyone who wants to use it will have to log in using their username and password. One way to do this is to press…

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Change AutoRecover Interval

Microsoft Office 2007/2010 A very useful feature in Microsoft Office is called “AutoRecover”, Which automatically saves your document at specified time intervals so that in case of an application or system crash, Office can recover its latest version. By default, this is set to 10 minutes, but you can change this easily by clicking on…

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Internet Explorer-Disable Tab Previews

Internet Explorer-Disable Tab Previews Turn off Tab Previews of Net Explorer in Windows several If you work with Internet Explorer and Windows 7 You may have noticed that when you mouse over an IE browser window, a preview of the wide open tabs in the internet browser is shown. While this is advantageous to give…

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Dial Phone Numbers in Safari on an iPhone

Dial Phone Numbers in Safari on an iPhone At any time surfed for the amount of a pizza place on your iPhone and just wanted to switch the telephone number straight from the webpage? If you are using the standard browser on your iphone, which is Safari, which no issue at all. Firefox automatically converts…

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Changing the Default Apps on your Android Device

Changing the Default Apps on your Android Device If you, for example, install multiple media player applications on your Android device, you’ll find that Android will give you the choice of which application to launch by default when you open a media file or document. However, you may later want to change this default setting…

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Set Switch Preference

Orientation Lock or Mute on Your iPad If you use an iPad, there is a switch conveniently located at the right side of the device which you can set to either lock the orientation of the screen or to mute the audio when you slide the switch—depending on your preference. To set your preference, go…

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Mac OSX Desktop Apps

Set which Desktop Applications will Open on Mac OSX Lion The Mac introduced the concept of using multiple “Desktops” (previously called “Spaces”) using Lion’s Mission Control application. Using Mission Control, you can specify which desktop applications will automatically open in which desktops by default. To set your preferences, select and right-click (Or ctrl+click or two-finger click)…

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Converting Currencies Using Google

Might like to do a quick currency change? You should use Google for that Simply key in the sum in the original foreign currency, then the currency you want to convert this to. For example, enter: “100 dollars in yen” or “100 dollars in Mexican Pesos” and verify out the results. In the event that…

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Split Keyboard on an iPad

Did you know that on iOS5 on the iPad, you can actually split the keyboard into two? This can be useful for typing with your thumbs if you are holding the iPad with both hands. To do so, press and hold the keyboard icon on the on-screen keyboard An option will appear, allowing you to…

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Remove the Image Background in Bing

Removing the Background Images in Bing You prefer Bing over Google but like Google’s thinning but fast loading web page better? With this idea you can get the best of both planets. As users of Bing know, when you go to the home web page of Bing A webpage with featured photography as the background…

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