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Unsend Emails Sent Using Gmail

The Secret Way to Unsend Emails Using Gmail Have you ever sent an email and then immediately regretted sending it? If you are using Gmail as your mail client, you can do just that with an interesting but buried option in Gmail settings. To enable this feature, go to Mail Settings in Gmail (upper right…

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Hide Windows Desktop Gadgets Quickly

If you are using Windows Gadgets (or those small mini-applications that are embedded on your desktop that show interesting things like the latest news, weather updates, or sports scores), you may sometimes wish you can just quickly hide them to declutter your workspace. In Windows 7, you can do just that. Simply right-click on the…

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Use Your Android Phone Like a USB Key

Work with Your Android Phone Just like a USB Key In the event you own an Android mobile phone, you are able to make usage of it as a substitute for a disk drive or a USB major. You can load data files into your phone merely by plugging it into a PC with a…

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Working with Your MSP Effectively

Working with Your MSP Effectively Healthy business relationships are part of what makes a successful business. And like any other business relationship, it’s important to be able to connect with and trust your Managed Service Provider (MSP) in order to maximize your partnership with them and your company’s own productivity and growth. Business relationships are…

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2012′s Hottest Health Care IT Trends

2012′s Hottest Health Care IT Trends Thinking what the most-discussed overall health care IT subject areas were in 2011–and what they’ll probably be in 2012? ID Experts compiled expert views and found them to be much the same: Mobile equipment, patient level of privacy rights, and data removed. Here are a great deal of the…

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Five Ways to get ROI from Your EMR

Five Ways to get ROI from Your EMR Many medical practices that apply Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) see a significant monetary revenue (ROI). Here will be five techniques happens: You can see more individuals; you’ll reduce missed sessions; your claims processing is often more efficient; you’ll spend much less on hard technology costs; and you’ll…

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Your EMR Needs Integration Capabilities

10 Things You May Need for EMR Integration Capabilities Stage 2 is coming, and the focus of the electronic medical record (EMR) community is shifting from the capture, to the exchange of health information. According to one industry insider, when it comes to true interoperability, here are 10 things your EMR may need: Single sign-on…

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Pause a Powerpoint Slideshow

How to Pause a Powerpoint Slideshow with Just a Press of a Button Whenever presenting in front of an audience, sometimes it can necessary to pause the PowerPoint slideshow for a few minutes to focus on a point, answer target audience questions, or to merely take a rest. Instead of leaving the presentation or perhaps…

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Save Files Directly to the Cloud

You Can Save Files Directly to the Cloud Perform you wish you can save files you get online directly to a cloud storage service supplier? With this helpful innovative free tool called Cloud Help you save can. Cloud Conserve exists for the Google Chrome browser at the Google Chrome webstore. When you install the extension…

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Integrated View of Google Services in Firefox

Do you frequently use Google’s online services such as Gmail, Calendar, and Reader? Do wish there were a way you could view all of these services in one page? If you use Mozilla Firefox as your browser, you’re in luck. Firefox has a free Addon called “Integrated Gmail” which allows you to view these services…

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