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4 types of password management systems

The Internet has undoubtedly made our lives easier Some would even say better. It is a bit of a double edged sword however, as we have seen an increase in the number of security breaches and hacks exposing our information. One way to minimize data being exposed or stolen is to use different passwords for…

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Improve productivity with 4 apps

Here are four productivity apps that could help make you more efficient A common goal of many business owners and managers is to find ways for staff to be more productive, or how improve efficiency. If you search on the Internet for tips on improving productivity you will likely be overwhelmed with the sheer number…

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5 ways you can manage your reputation

5 ways you can manage your reputation When it comes to your business on the Internet, reputation and a presence are everything. Customers expect you to be online, and many companies go to great lengths to establish and protect their reputation and image. Part of being online means that you will eventually have to deal…

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Facebook's Trusted Contacts

Facebook’s Trusted Contacts When most people read or talk about social media, they are usually thinking of Facebook, the most popular social media platform. Because of Facebook’s popularity, there are constant stories of accounts being hacked, or people forgetting passwords and being locked out of their profiles. Facebook has numerous account recovery tools, and has…

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Limit the amount of data your iPhone uses

How to Limit your Data Usage on iPhone Do you have a mobile data plan for your smartphone? While a fantastic idea – who doesn’t want to be able to check their email, social media and browse sites from their phone? – it can turn out to be expensive, especially if you go over your…

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Overview of Google I/O – What's new?

Overview of Google I/O – What’s new? For many Google fans, the best time of the year is in mid May when Google hosts their annual developers conference, I/O. This three day event is when Google traditionally introduces new products, apps and impending changes. Last year, 2012 saw a new version of Android along with…

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Virtualization: 5 benefits you may enjoy

Virtualization: 5 benefits you may enjoy Computers are continually increasing in power. In fact, such is the weight of this pattern of hardware power doubling in power every two years that it even has it’s own phrase to acknowledge this observation: Moore’s Law. While processing power may be going from strength to strength, the fact…

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Google unleashes a new version of Play

New Features in Google Play Overview of features An integral component of the modern tablet and smartphone is the software, or more specifically the apps. Apps provide users with the ability to interact with their phones and do virtually anything. The way the vast majority of users get apps onto their tablets is by downloading…

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A brief overview of social data

A brief overview of social data In the modern age of technology, with nearly everything going online, making business decisions has become incredibly tough. There is so much data available to us that we simply can’t assimilate and comprehend all of it. The danger being that this is potentially causing us to make the wrong…

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Breaking your text for better formatting

Breaking your text for better formatting One of the cardinal rules of document creation is that you need white space. We are taught from a young age to separate our written thoughts into paragraphs which make them easier to read and make documents look professional. This has carried over to documents created using word processors…

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