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Question? Use Google Now for iPad

Question? Use Google Now for iPad To some fans of Apple’s products the thought of using anything from Google is simply ludicrous. Why would you use something from a competitor? Well, it could be that the product or app is better than anything else out there. This is true for Google Search, which brings Google’s…

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Office Web Apps to get two new features

Office Web Apps to get two new features One of the more popular productivity oriented programs on the market today is Microsoft’s Office 365. Based in the cloud, this platform offers business users a way to increase the productivity of their whole organization while making communication and sharing easier. A lesser known feature included in…

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Google Hangouts – 4 way you can use it

Google Hangouts – 4 way you can use it Video Communication – Google Hangouts? One of the more popular tech trends in recent years is the increasing adoption of video-based communication. Many are familiar with products like Skype which allow face-to-face communication from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Did you know that Google has…

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Go Beyond Average with Business Intelligence

Go Beyond Average with Business Intelligence In most companies, multiple applications support different functions and departments Your sales team is using CRM, while the finance team uses ERP or an accounting system. The operation teams probably use line of business (LOB) applications that are specific to your industry. Each one of those applications comes with…

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Here are 4 tips on keeping computers running

Here are 4 tips on keeping computers running Computers and the hardware components that run them are always evolving, getting faster and faster. Unfortunately, small to medium businesses often can’t take advantage of the latest and greatest simply because it’s too expensive to be constantly updating. This means using older systems that will get slower…

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50 million LivingSocial accounts hacked

50 million LivingSocial accounts hacked Social Accounts Hacked Cyber crime has been around since the very early days of the Internet and has it has become an increasingly serious problem as the number of Internet users has increased. This trend is likely to continue, and you can be guaranteed that you’ll continue to see news…

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4 tweaks to improve OS X's Finder

4 tweaks to improve OS X’s Finder Apple, once written off by many experts, has been making massive inroads in the technology world. The company’s name has become associated with products that are easy to use and simply work. One of the more important products is their operating system (OS), OS X. OS X has…

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5 disaster preparedness tips

Take a moment and think about your business and if you are prepared for a disaster If you are like most business owners or managers you have some form of backup and maybe even a basic disaster recovery plan. While this is a start, recent big disasters around the world have proven that a simple…

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Google Search results updated

Google Search results updated Cleaner Look Internet giant Google didn’t become the company it is today by creating one product and not changing. It’s quite the opposite, really. They are constantly introducing new products or making changes to existing ones to make a user’s experience better. One of the latest changes made by Google is…

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Let’s talk about revenue cycle management

Revenue Cycle Management One of the major parts of business is ensuring that you are being paid for services rendered. This can be a painful process; some clients just don’t seem to want to pay. There are numerous things you can do to ensure revenue comes in, one essential process to employ is revenue cycle…

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