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Are you on Instagram?

Are you on Instagram? Social media platforms are continually being introduced, and in order for them to become popular, they often capitalize on a niche area. Many of these networks are utilized by businesses, who use them to extend their brand and connect with customers and potential clients. One network that many businesses are just…

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Windows: 6 different shutdown options

Windows: 6 different shutdown options 6 Different way to Shut Down your Windows Computer. While there are many different kinds of computer out there, with these numbers expanding all the time, the vast majority are running Microsoft’s Windows. This operating system (OS) has many interesting features, some of which are little-known by users, despite the…

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Three questions to ask your payers about ICD-10

Three Questions asked about ICD-10 It’s impossible to know what will happen on October 1, 2014, but you can get a head start on your preparations by asking your payers some questions about their ICD-10 plans. Will you conduct external testing? Medicare says CMS contractors will not conduct full external testing with business partners, meaning…

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Reconciling the meaningful use stage 2 conundrum

Reconciling the meaningful use stage 2 conundrum Making up the Meaningful Use Level 2 Conundrum… Health attention, that has always been structured on the doctor-patient connection is facing an obstacle in the era of meaningful use stage two: How would you reconcile the value of in patient-doctor interactions with the requirement of standardized setup data…

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Tips to Practice Management Insight

Tips to Practice Management Insight Three things to look for in a practice management offering. Running a profitable medical practice is more difficult than it’s ever been before, and with ICD-10, meaningful use Stage-2 and payer reforms on the way, it’s only going to get harder. Here are three ways to stay on top of…

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Spreadsheet tip: Transpose data

Spreadsheet tip: Transpose data The office productivity suite is a collection of software that enables businesses to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and even forms or databases. There are more than a few different suites out there, and one of the more popular is Google Drive. One of Drive’s most useful programs is Spreadsheet. However, one…

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How to set Word's default font

How to set Word’s default font Businesses, regardless of the industry they operate in, usually produce documents on a regular basis. How these are presented will tend to vary, with some being printed, put on the Web, or simply left on hard drives and accessed electronically. Whatever you do, in terms of presentation and readability,…

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Five profitable reasons to switch to ERP

Five profitable reasons to switch to ERP The accounting software that you have been using for the past…how many?…years may help you keep the bills paid and file your taxes, but is it helping you increase profits? In the past, it was enough for financial management to report on past transaction and results. With the…

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The key to viral content

The key to viral content Social media and other content related sites have become all the rage with businesses. One of the reasons is because companies see how successful and widely known people and organizations have become simply because their content went viral. Many businesses would love to replicate this type of exposure, and spread…

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5 safety steps to online shopping

5 safety steps to online shopping The Internet has brought about an era of convenience, especially when it comes to shopping. You can purchase just about everything online these days and it can seem like there’s almost no need for physical stores. While e-commerce is incredibly popular, there are issues with security that pop up…

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