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Do you use VIP Inbox for iPhone?

Do you use VIP Inbox for iPhone? Love it or hate it, email is one of the most essential components of business communication… Sure, it enables nearly instant communication, but it has also led to people often expecting replies immediately. You can be sure that the number of emails you receive will continue to increase,…

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All about email sign-offs

All about email sign-offs Email, while a versatile and incredibly useful tool, can be challenging. One problem many people face is actually writing the email itself. Because it doesn’t involve face-to-face communication, the wording we use is important, as is the tone and ideas you convey. If you use the wrong word, you could wind…

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Are Facebook Ads worth it?

Are Facebook Ads worth it? The Internet has given rise to the era of communication and it’s now the main way in which many businesses reach their customers and potential customers. One of the more important aspects of the Internet is social media, which has proven to be the perfect platform for businesses to expand…

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Here comes new Google Groups

Here comes new Google Groups There are many companies that have made the Internet what it is today, and continue to define what it will be tomorrow. One trailblazer is none other than Google, which has literally defined that way Internet search works. These tech troopers also have a number of great services that have…

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Define: 4 types of virtualization

Define: 4 types of virtualization Technical devices and systems are some of the most important business tools used on a daily basis by owners, managers, and employees. While technology is constantly advancing, many businesses struggle to afford to update their technology on a regular basis, instead choosing to make do with their existing tech. It…

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Trouble downloading iPad apps?

Trouble downloading iPad apps? Your iPad Apps Aren’t Downloading? There are many different tools that business owners, managers, and employees consider useful. One of these is likely to be the tablet. Sure, some non-users might scoff at this, stating that this device is useless, but once they start to use it, the story changes! The…

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Why Big Data is Business Intelligence!

Why Big Data is Business Intelligence! Making decisions is often one of the most challenging aspects of running a successful business. Sure, some conclusions come easy, but others require the decision maker to have a good and reliable source of knowledge and information at their disposal. This is why many businesses are turning to Business…

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Excel 2013 – 3 keyboard shortcuts

Excel 2013 – 3 keyboard shortcuts When it comes to navigating a computer program like Microsoft Excel, the mouse is good, but the keyboard can be a heck of a lot better. Programs like Excel, worksheets in general, rely heavily on the keyboard for navigation, in fact, it’s not uncommon to see expert users forgo…

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Optimize Google Play's Settings

Optimize Google Play’s Settings There are numerous tech devices that are useful to business owners and managers – one of the most being tablets. While there are many different kinds of tablets, those running Android are among the most popular. One reason for their popularity is the apps, which can be found on the Google…

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How to get rid of Gmail apps

How to get rid of Gmail apps One of the great things about Google’s products is that you can install extensions and apps that further enhance the product’s capabilities. For example, there are extensions for Gmail that allow you to manage your calendar and meetings directly from an email message. The problem with these programs…

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