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Improve project success and profits with ERP

Improve project success and profits with ERP When you manage a project based business, it’s challenging to balance customer service and profits. Whether your business is to manage events, build products, or provide expert advice, your projects require the coordination of many resources to deliver on your promises to customers. With so many moving parts…

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Security of info in the cloud

Information Security in the Cloud In the era of cloud computing, security has become a hot button issue. It seems like almost weekly there is some announcement of a system being hacked or information being leaked. In truth, this will never disappear and may only get worse unless you take steps to ensure that the…

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iPhone – 5 scanner apps

iPhone – 5 scanner apps The iPhone is widely considered by both business and private users as the must-have mobile device. There are different reasons as to why people consider it an important device, one of the more common being the apps. With well over 700 million available, there is literally an app for everything.…

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Need better customer service?

Need better customer service? There are many factors that contribute to a company’s success, one of the more common factors found in pretty much every company is great customer service. If your company doesn’t offer excellent customer service, there is little chance that you will be around for a long time. It can be hard…

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FYI: Facebook for Business here to help

FYI: Facebook for Business here to help Social media has become possibly the most important platform for marketing for small and medium businesses. It has provided these smaller companies with a way to compete and possibly beat the big companies. The problem with platforms like Facebook is that they can be hard to master or…

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A look at Chrome's tabs

A look at Chrome’s tabs A popular Internet browser used by both business and personal users is Google’s Chrome. With numerous features that make it not only an easy to use but also powerful browser, it’s easy to see why. One of the more useful features is tabbed browsing which allows users to look at…

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iPad keyboard's 3 useful shortcuts

iPad keyboards 3 useful shortcuts Apple is widely known for its user-friendly products that have a minimal learning curve. This is no different for their tablet – the iPad. It is easy to setup and use, the perfect companion for a business person on the move. One of the features that promote this usability is…

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BI – 4 mistakes companies make

BI – 4 mistakes companies make Data has always been an important part of the decision-making process in business, it’s also proven integral in day-to-day operations. That’s why the idea of Business Intelligence (BI) is starting to catch on with businesses. The ability to capture and analyze data is tempting, and when done correctly, it…

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Keyboard shortcuts for presentations

Keyboard shortcuts for presentations Dread or love them, presentations are a part of almost every position in business. The most common tool used to create and show these presentations is Microsoft’s PowerPoint, in fact, many simply call a digital presentation a PowerPoint. Microsoft has implemented a few keyboard shortcuts that may help if you have…

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Google releases new Nexus 7

Google releases new Nexus 7 There is little arguing about the rise in popularity of mobile tablets. These devices have enabled business owners, managers and employees to work while mobile. One of the popular tablets of the past year has been Google’s Nexus 7. In late July, Google announced and subsequently released a new version…

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