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Better file organization in Drive

Better file organization in Drive In an effort to modernize systems while saving money, many companies are investing in cloud storage and productivity solutions like Google’s Drive. While Drive is useful, especially because of the integrated productivity apps, it can often be confusing as to how you move files and folders in order to achieve…

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Office 365 for Android released

Office 365 for Android released It is quickly becoming expected that popular program developers also create mobile apps that allow users to access parts of or all of the main program. Take for example Microsoft’s cloud-based Office suite Office 365. People have been asking Microsoft to release a mobile app for a while now, and…

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Continuous process improvement with ERP

Continuous process improvement with ERP The concept of continual process improvement originated in the manufacturing industry but is gaining popularity across all business types. The basic idea is that a business should make an ongoing effort to improve their processes. While that may seem to be an obviously good idea, most businesses make big leaps…

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Media streaming onto the TV – good idea?

Media streaming onto the TV – good idea? One of the more popular home media trends of the past three years is the integration of devices that allow users to stream content like movies from Netflix on their TV. Some of these devices include capabilities such as the ability to share content on a mobile…

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New security threat: USB sticks

New security threat: USB sticks One of the major setbacks to the exciting evolution of technology is that exciting developments mean there are always security issues cropping up. It can be a seemingly uphill battle to keep your systems secure. One of the best ways to ensure that your systems are not breached is to…

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Product key tracking for Mac

Product key tracking for Mac If you find that you need to reinstall software on your computer or a number of computers in the office, you will likely need to enter a product code/cd-key or serial number. Many offices don’t follow a set practice with regards to storing these keys and this can cause an…

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Will your continuity plan work?

Will your continuity plan work? Disasters can affect a business at any time and to any degree of severity. In an effort to reduce or hinder the damage that can result from a disaster, while also keeping the business working, many companies have taken to adopting business continuity plans. These plans can be quite complex…

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Google relaunches Zagat

Google relaunches Zagat Zagat famous restaurant review guides which in 2011 was bought by Google. In 2012, Google integrated it into services like Google Maps and Google+ Local, hoping it would take off. As it turns out, it hasn’t been as successful as perhaps hoped for. In an effort to turn this around, Google has…

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XP to retire. Is your business ready?

Is your Business Ready for Windows XP to retire? Did you know that Microsoft is pulling support for their popular, yet aging, operating system Windows XP on April 8, 2014? This may seem like ages away yet, but for businesses still using this version of Windows, this is a big issue. When Microsoft does pull…

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Major update for Maps released

Major Maps Update Released Smartphones are made what they are today because of the app. There are so many different apps out there, all of varying degrees of usefulness. One of the more popular, and useful Android apps is Google’s Maps. This app puts a world class map, with navigation and so much more, into…

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