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Fight back the return of department silos with ERP

Fight back the return of department silos with ERP The proliferation of subscription apps in the business place is causing fragmentation of corporate data – harkening back to the days when every department maintained its own silo of information. When department managers opt for quick fixes promised by cloud-based applications they disconnect valuable data from…

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Managed email security and you

Managed email security and you While email certainly has become one of the most essential communication tools for every business, it still isn’t perfect. One of the more common shortfalls is that it isn’t the most secure of systems. In order to make it more secure, companies need to employ scanners and filters that search…

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Give uninterrupted presentations

Give uninterrupted presentations If you use your PC or Mac laptop for presentations, screen sharing or during meetings, the last thing you want is for a personal message or notification to pop up. This type of interruption is annoying for the audience and could be potentially embarrassing for you. Unfortunately, without taking any steps to…

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iPhone 5c Vs. the 5s. Which wins?

iPhone 5c Vs. the 5s. Which wins? September 10 was an interesting day for Apple fans, as the company held their annual unveiling of the new iPhone. But, this launch event was a bit different from past ones in that not one but two new devices were introduced. This marks the first time Apple has…

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Securing your IP

Securing your IP Almost every company currently operating has important and valuable information and files that they would like to keep not only secure but from falling into the wrong hands. The problem is, many business owners are unsure as to how to go about securing or protecting important files and data. Not to mention…

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Graph Search – how to improve your rank

Graph Search – how to improve your rank August 2013 was a pretty monumental month for Facebook. The company officially turned on its new Graph Search feature for all English speaking profiles and Pages thereby implementing possibly the biggest change to the system since Timeline. A common question many companies with Pages are asking is…

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Google's Chrome App Launcher

Google’s Chrome App Launcher In September of 2008, Google released Google Chrome. Now, five years later, it’s become one of the most popular browsers on the planet, with users in almost every country. Over the past five years, Google has continually updated the browser with new features and apps that make it even more useful.…

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When to use data visualization

When to use data visualization Using Data Visualization Business Intelligence has become a popular concept among many small business managers and owners – who doesn’t want to be able to harness data to help make decisions? One of the more popular ways businesses manipulate data is by visualizing it. While this can be useful, it’s…

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Is your business ready for a disaster?

Is your business ready for a disaster? Take a minute and ask yourself: if when it comes to business, you are prepared. The months of August through October are widely considered to be the worst for natural disasters in the northern hemisphere. In an effort to help bring awareness to this fact and to help…

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Extend your Android's battery life

Extend your Android’s battery life Tablets can do almost everything a computer can these days, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. One of the more common issues people have with these devices though is the battery life. Some simply don’t make it through the day. If you have an Android tablet, there…

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