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Excel's data validation

Excel’s data validation Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most popular offerings from the well-known software giant. With cloud-based versions of popular Office programs like Excel, businesses can create nearly any type of document. Excel has a number of useful features that make entering or manipulating data easier, for example, data validation. Here is…

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Mobile security – 5 questions to ask

Mobile security – 5 questions to ask Security of a company’s systems should be important to all company owners and to raise awareness, October was named as National Cyber Security month in the US. Regardless of your location, it is a good idea to look into the security of the systems in your company. One…

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5 business functions to virtualize

5 business functions to virtualize One of the more popular tech related trends is taking physical systems and migrating or switching them for a virtual version – or virtualization, as it’s more commonly referred to. Virtualization has many benefits for businesses, but many small businesses are unsure as to what solutions they can actually migrate…

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5 tips for successful email marketing

5 tips for successful email marketing Marketing is an important business function that nearly every business does. One of the more popular methods of marketing employed these days is email marketing. This form of digital marketing has proven to be more effective than any other method, yet many companies still struggle with developing campaigns that…

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5 tips to reduce multitasking

5 tips to reduce multitasking Many small business owners and managers wear multiple hats. One minute they are HR, the next, finance, and this switching of roles and juggling multiple tasks can be constant. While multitasking is an essential business skill, it’s not the answer to total business success. In fact, constantly multitasking could actually…

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Hashtag mastery on Facebook

Hashtag mastery on Facebook One of the more popular social media trends that seems to baffle and confuse many is the hashtag. It certainly has proven effective with Twitter users, so much so that other social media platforms have started to support it. Facebook is one of the latest to adopt these tags and many…

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Google Analytics defined

Google Analytics defined Google Analytics… Analytics is the study of data with the idea of identifying patterns so one can also discern useful information. One of the more popular forms of analytics is digital, which focuses on data largely related to websites. The most common tool used for this is Google Analytics. If you have…

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An overview of iOS 7

An overview of iOS 7 Stop for a minute and think about Apple’s mobile devices, like the iPhone and iPad… It’s hard to believe that the iPhone was first released in 2007 as it really feels like it has been around for more than a decade at least. On almost a yearly basis, Apple has…

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3 keys to successful data visualization

3 keys to successful data visualization Decision making can be among the toughest tasks to do when running a business. Make the wrong ones and you could see profits dip or customers disappear. In order to make better decisions, many companies are implementing Business Intelligence (BI). Because BI can utilize a lot of data, a…

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5 iOS 7 tips to increase battery life

5 iOS 7 tips to increase battery life Apple launched the latest version of their mobile operating system, iOS 7 in mid-September. The update was rolled out to almost all iPads and iPhones and brought with it some pretty massive changes. Now that it has been out for a few weeks, there are reports that…

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