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Word Web App collaboration improves

Word Web App collaboration improves There is little doubt as to which office productivity software is the most popular – Microsoft’s Office. While the cloud-based version of Office – Office 365 – is growing and constantly evolving, many businesses are finding that Office Web Apps are also quite useful. These ”light’ versions of Office come…

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iOS 7 tip: Navigate the calendar

iOS 7 tip: Navigate the calendar Each year, when Apple releases a new version of their popular mobile operating system – iOS – users get excited about the new changes and features that are introduced. The newest version of iOS – iOS 7 – brings with it some great new features. It’s not all good…

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5 tips for better subject lines

5 tips for better subject lines In order for a business to be successful, you need to have solid communication. One of the main mediums people use is email, which has enabled us to communicate like never before. While sending an email is fairly straightforward, many people struggle or ignore what to write in the…

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Google to stop supporting IE 9

Google to stop supporting IE 9 Almost all of Google’s products and services require that you access them through your Internet browser. Because users have at least five browsers to choose from, you will see them access Googles Apps using one of these options. Some business users prefer to use Internet Explorer (IE). If this…

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Facebook to eliminate security feature

Facebook to eliminate security feature One of the most widely used platforms on the Internet is social media giant Facebook. While useful to a wide variety of users as a way to keep in touch and interact, businesses are really benefiting from using this platform too. In an effort to keep people using Facebook, the…

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How malware can get into your systems

How malware can get into your systems The security of your business networks and computers is likely something you have worried about before. Chances are high that you have installed anti-virus scanners and maybe even other security measures, with the goal of eliminating malware infections. While this is a recommended first-line of defense, chances are…

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Benefits of A/B testing

Benefits of A/B testing There are many steps to take when developing a product, service, or even an email blast that will be viewed by large numbers of recipients. One of the last stages in this process often involves testing and trying to figure out what works best and what customers react best to. One…

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Build Service Profits with ERP

Build Service Profits with ERP Services are becoming an important revenue source for more and more businesses. Even those industries that historically dealt only in products ‒ retailers, distributors, and manufacturers ‒ are looking to services to expand revenue streams and diversify the business. Examples include: The furniture retailer offering in-home decorating services. The hardware…

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The scent of Apple in the Air

The scent of Apple in the Air Back in September, Apple released the latest version of their operating system iOS 7. Speculation as to when new products were going to be released filled blogs and forums. One thing that most experts and Apple lovers predicted was that the operating system was designed with a specific…

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Create polls using Lync

Create polls using Lync The cloud-based version of Microsoft Office – Office 365 – is quickly becoming one of the more popular product offerings from the Redmond tech giant. While there are numerous programs included in the suite, Lync, which enables communication, could be the most useful. Because it enables more effective collaboration it can…

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