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New: Office 365 Message Encryption

New: Office 365 Message Encryption There are countless threats to business security. While many businesses implement digital security measures, like anti-virus scanners, they may struggle with sending secure communications. For users of Microsoft Office 365, there is a new email oriented security feature that many businesses may find useful. In late November, Microsoft introduced Office…

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VoIP – 5 Reasons To Switch

VoIP – 5 Reasons To Switch Technology of any kind has become an important business component. While many companies are upgrading servers, virtualizing environments and even implementing the cloud, there is one function often ignored: The telephone and phone lines. One option to modernize older phone systems is to upgrade to Voice over Internet Protocol…

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4 Common Password Policy Problems

4 Common Password Policy Problems The security of your systems and business, in general, is likely something that you are concerned, if not worried, about. While it is true that many businesses have security systems in place, the weakest link is often the password. In an effort to ensure that passwords remain secure, many companies…

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Block The Net For Better Productivity

Block The Net For Better Productivity The Internet is really a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it gives us access to a variety of productivity-oriented programs that really help increase what we can get done in a day. On the other hand, however, there are also a variety of sites that capture our attention…

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Buying Smartphones

Buying Smartphones It’s December and that means the holiday season is in full swing. This also means that many people are busy shopping for gifts. As with the past few seasons, smartphones will be a popular gift this year. If you are planning to give a lucky person a smartphone this season, it might be…

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Tips On Ensuring Your Email Isn't Spam

6 Ways to Tell That Your Email Isn’t Spam One of the more important, and indeed popular, marketing tools for small to medium businesses is email marketing. When employed correctly, the email can be a great way to not only grow your business connections but to also connect with your customers. One of the main…

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Control Notifications on Drive

Control Notifications on Drive It used to be the case that Google was known for its popular search engine. Now, the company is known for almost everything related to the Internet. Their suite of apps are used by individuals and businesses the world over, and Drive is quickly becoming one of the most popular document…

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Do you use Facebook Page Insights?

Do you use Facebook Page Insights? In October 2013, Facebook officially rolled out their revamped Page Insights. This tool is for any business or person with a Page and allows them to gain valuable understanding about how their online visitors are interacting with the content the business posts. One of the reasons this is so…

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Cloud and Virtualization: 1 and the same?

Cloud and Virtualization: 1 and the same? A common tech term often uttered by tech experts and indeed many businesses is ‘cloud’. It is often accompanied with the word ‘virtualization’. These two terms have led many users to believe that they are interchangeable, when in fact they have actually quite different meanings. This can lead…

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Four Ways To Expand Profit Margins With ERP

Four Ways To Expand Profit Margins With ERP Making the move to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application feels like a big step. But for a growing business, getting by with a starter accounting system may be costing more than you think. With an integrated ERP system, you can see what is happening across your…

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