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Get your data off of Google

One of Google’s founding principles is, “Don’t be evil.” As the company grew and began to introduce more apps, including ones where a user’s data was stored on Google’s servers, it started to become apparent that it was tough to get this information off of the servers. In an effort to turn this around, Google…

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The Speech feature on Windows Phone

The Speech feature on Windows Phone One common feature that can be found on nearly every major mobile operating system is the ability to use your voice to interact with your phone. This is a great feature for users who can’t interact with their phone, say when they are driving. With the release of Windows…

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Dealing with a frozen Android device

Dealing with a frozen Android device The smartphone is an amazing device that has revolutionized the way we communicate However, it’s technology that many of us accept and welcome without question, often forgetting that these devices are really just computers that fit in our hands. Like their bigger cousins, phones will eventually freeze or programs…

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Windows Tip: Take Screenshots

Windows Tip: Take Screenshots For many businesses, the most popular operating system in use is Microsoft’s Windows. The various versions of Windows have a great number of features that many use on a daily basis, often without thinking. There are a few however that we don’t use often but are nonetheless important. Take for example…

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Social Media in 2014

Social Media in 2014 Social media, while still fairly new, is starting to enter a more mature phase. Most businesses have a presence on one or more social media platforms and are comfortable with at least the basics. As we start 2014 however, social media is growing and businesses will find that they need to…

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Chrome Not Working? Troubleshoot it!

Chrome Not Working? Troubleshoot it! The Internet browser … has become one of the many indispensable tools at a businesses disposal. And, as cloud systems continue to increase in popularity, these will likely become the main way employees access various systems like email, document production, and even storage. Google’s Chrome is one of the most…

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SkyDrive Pro – What Is It?

SkyDrive Pro – What Is It? Microsoft has many programs that business users find useful. One is SharePoint which provides a web-based infrastructure whereby you can create portals, manage files, enable collaboration, create social networks, and more. Generally sold as a part of the Office 365 platform, users that subscribe to Office 365 and SharePoint…

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Questions To Test

Questions To Test Industry Knowledge of ERP Vendors… Once you have narrowed down the ERP solutions that will fit your needs, it’s time to find the right solution provider to help you implement. Finding the right ERP solution is important, but finding a business partner who will help you get more value from it can…

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Productivity Apps for Your Phone

Productivity Apps for Your Phone January is a common time for many people, business owners included, to set goals and resolutions for the year to come. This year, as with years in the past, many business owners and managers will likely have a resolution centered around productivity. Being more productive has obvious benefits, but to…

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Security – 5 Threats in 2014

Security – 5 Threats in 2014 With each new year comes resolutions, goals, and trends. One popular goal of many small businesses is to ensure that their systems are secure for the year to come. Often, the first step to take is to look at current trends, but when it comes to security, you should…

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