Six Best Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

Six Best Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

Adding a location map to a website is a great way to promote a shop or business premises where customers may buy services or products. A location map assures potential visitors that a business is local helps them to easily find their way.

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Google maps have been around for a while now, but there still aren’t the people who use them on their personal or company website. Whether you’re focusing on a neighborhood or a subdivision, you can quickly and easily use Google maps to create a useful, local resource that you can provide to your farm or use to attract buyers interested in the area.

You can add the Google Maps API with embedding code in your website but many WordPress users feel more comfortable using a dedicated map plugin. Because when you use a dedicated Google Map plugin, you can do lots of customizations. There are some great plugins for WordPress that can help you to add your location on Google Maps and show the address on your website. I am going to let you know some of the best Google Maps Plugin.

WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps is a free plugin that conquers the best Google Map plugin position in this year. There are more than 0.2 million users who use this plugin in WordPress. It is super easy to use for its shortcode features.

This great plugin gives you so many options to customize and use Google Map in your WordPress website. You can add an ultimate number of markers to maps and highlight locations of your interest with the use of the plugin.

In addition, you can add multiple layouts of Google Maps in your WordPress page or post. The best feature of this plugin is to show the store location by its unique store locator. It adds pins marking to your business store location and let visitors use a helpful search function to find the nearest one.

CP Google Maps

CP Google Maps

CP Google Maps plugin is one of the best Google Maps plugins for WordPress. There is a WYSIWYG editor by which you can add Google Maps to the website. The plugin allows you to insert a map into your posts directly.

It has some great features that make easier to use this plugin without having the proper knowledge of Google Maps Coding and other web-related complex tasks. You can create an unlimited number of maps with custom icons in WordPress with the use of the plugin.

Not only that, there are basic customization options by which you can customize the map by your own. There is a front-end user control and you can create popups over markers with that control option.

MapPress Easy Google Maps


If you have a business or you just need your readers to know where something is a map is the best way to explain a location. With MapPress, it easily adds Google Maps to your blog or blog post. You can add markers to locations and readers can quickly get driving directions. Both you and your readers can choose from street, satellite or hybrid.

It lets you add an interactive map to your website. For this, you need to enter the address in any post or page. The plugin is super responsive which can automatically insert a map according to the location of your given address.

Not only that, it can add the directions (by vehicles or foot) to your business address. It has the multisite compatibility with Google Map API. The plugin supports what Google Map API supports to locate a store or address.

Google Maps Widget

Google Maps Widget Plugin is the most popular Widget plugin for Google Maps. When it is the time to add Google Maps in a widget, you can use this fast loading plugin.

You can add the plugin to any widget ready area. The location you’re using is not depended on the widget’s display only. You can add Google Maps to any page or post with the use of its shortcode feature.

You can even customize the Google Maps with the use of its customization features. You can adjust the size of the Google Map, change the type of map and much more. You can even set the Pin color and Zoom level as well. With the use of the pro version of the plugin, you can have additional 50 exclusive features and can choose extra pins from the pins library.

Geo Mashup

Geo Mashup

We have already talked about some Google Maps plugin for WordPress. In this time and age, it is important to optimize on Google Maps for your business, yet many businesses ignore this prospect. Google Maps helps people who are trying to find your products or services locally to find your exact location with ease.

Geo Mashup comes with more features than the average Google Map plugin. It gives you a flexible experience of full integration with Google Maps. It has some cool features that must attract you to use this as a Google Map plugin in WordPress.

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin is another interactive Google Map plugin that can show the map on your WordPress website (page or post). It can be used both as a widget and a shortcode. You can get the full documentation to use the plugin on the website.

There are more than 250 custom marker icons available for the map. You can get the access to OpenStreet maps with that plugin easily. It has dozens of customization options that can be used to place the map into any page or post. Not only that, with the widget feature, you can use this plugin as a widget and insert saved shortcodes directly to posts or pages.

That’s all for today with the best Google Map plugins for WordPress. Have you tried any plugin that has worked out great for you? Your feedback is welcome.

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