Azure Price Calculator

Measure up Before You Sign-Up on Azure!

LG Network’s guide to using the Azure’s price calculator for determining what will be the total cost of using Azure, even before your signup.

With the clear picture that is coming out about cloud computing being the future of data centers. There are still some organizations that are hesitant to make the necessary switch. If you’re one of them then this article is for you.

No matter which type of business you’re in and what’s the size of your enterprise, the kind of quantifiable, measurable benefits that cloud computing offers at an extremely reasonable cost can increase performance, help techies innovate with the new tech and increase profits.

According to the research conducted by Microsoft, the biggest obstacle that prevents cloud computing deployment and adoption in the market is the uncertainty of the cost associated. Microsoft has attempted to remove this uncertainty by bringing a cost calculator for the cloud computing suite. The price calculator is quick, free and easy to use. We recommend using it for calculating your expenditure.

Understanding the Calculator:

It is important to understand that Azure from Microsoft is not a single application but a set of cloud-based tools designed to work with multiple environments.

Some of these tools can be designed to be standalone applications while others may need linking in the suite for data. The calculator is effective at determining the cost associated with the choice of services that you will use and it can work as a configuration manager to help choose the right type of services that you will need for your organization.

We cannot list all the services and the pricing associated that Azure offers in this article because of their ever-growing numbers and variable pricing based on usage.

However, this pricing example for a container instance running on the Azure cloud should clear things up

Let’s suppose we created a container instance using Microsoft Azure with 1 core, 1 gb config and the duration is 5 minutes i.e. 300 Sec.
Then Create requests would be:
Create requests:

Create requests * $0.0025

30 create requests * $0.0025 = $0.075

Memory Duration Calculation is done by:

Create requests * memory duration (seconds) * memory (GB) * price per GB-s

30 create requests * 300 seconds * 1 GB * $0.000012 per GB-s = $0.108

Core duration is calculated with:

Create requests * core duration (seconds) * core(s) * price per core-s

30 create requests * 300 seconds * 1 core * $0.000012 per core-s = $0.108

Final pricing of this container sequence would be:

Create requests + memory duration + core duration = total cost

$0.075 + $0.108 + $0.108 = $0.291

$0.291 per month is not much especially considering you didn’t have to invest in any hardware, electricity costs and hardware maintenance.

We understand that this example is not practical since any server-based web app would run multiple containers sharing a lot more memory, but the fact remains that Azure offers cheaper alternative options than setting up your own data center.

Bottom line.

Azure has tons of useful cloud computing services available at fraction of a price.

Identifying what services to purchase and how much they will cost does not require boardroom meetings but a simple online calculator.

Any business can use this calculator to calculate beforehand what kind of cost to expect for using Azure Cloud Computing.

Deploying Cloud-based services for your organization is not expensive, as far as expertise and the right delivery methods are covered. LG Networks have been helping out organizations setup quality servers full with networking and software support.

We are a Microsoft Certified Partner and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in helping out with the support and service of your new Azure Cloud. Feel free to Contact Us for more information.

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