Tips for Buying a New Printer

November 15, 2010 | Comments Off on Tips for Buying a New Printer

Considering Buying a New Printer? Having a device that just prints out paper won’t cut it anymore – today’s printing needs involve much more. Taking care of several needs in a single device is convenient and cost effective, and saves space too. These days, printers have become more than just, well, printers. There are many…

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Stale Programs can Poison Your System

November 12, 2010 | Comments Off on Stale Programs can Poison Your System

Patching and updating the programs that you use, as well as removing old or unused programs, can go a long way in ensuring that your system is safe from malware attacks. One of the more subtle ways hackers use to get malware into your system is through exploiting programs that are either old or not…

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Business Continuity Plan

November 11, 2010 | Comments Off on Business Continuity Plan

The Importance of Business Continuity Planning to Your Business A Business Continuity Plan allows your business to resume normal operations after experiencing data loss or equipment failure resulting from minor problems to major disasters. What Companies are Affected by Data Loss You’ve probably heard news about companies that have experienced data loss. You may think that…

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How to Maximize Your Twitter Account

November 8, 2010 | Comments Off on How to Maximize Your Twitter Account

Twitter can be a powerful tool for businesses if used properly, but how? Experts list a few tips to help you make use of this social networking website to boost your online occurrence. It’s common knowledge these days that websites including the hugely popular Twitter can be used not only as an online mingling medium…

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