Good Business Use

Good Business Use In the early 2000s – even into the current decade – health care had some catching up to do when it came to technology. Much of the industry was paper-based and when technology was used, it was often in separate areas, creating silos of information that couldn’t communicate. The 2009 American Recovery…

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Five Top Stories of 2013

Five Top Stories of 2013 As 2013 came to a close, we looked back at the health-care information technology (IT) stories that most captivated the industry. Some were bad (because bad news makes headlines), but some were also good. Here are five topics we found most intriguing. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) faced a class-action…

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Healthcare Technology Market Set To Expand In 2014

Healthcare Technology Market Set To Expand In 2014 The North American health-care information technology (IT) market will grow from $21.9 billion in 2012 to $31.3 billion by 2017, a compound annual rate of 7.4%. That forecast comes from Research and Markets’ North American Healthcare IT Market Report 2013-2017 and is based on a number of…

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Splitting Your Google Doc Into Columns

Splitting Your Google Doc Into Columns At first glance, Google Drive is a powerful cloud-based office solution. Mixing the ability to share and create files, it’s proving to be a useful tool for many businesses. Take for example the word processor – Google Docs – it has many of the important features users need. There…

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Switch Plans – Easier Office 365 Upgrades

Switch Plans – Easier Office 365 Upgrades Microsoft Office has long been the go-to source for office productivity programs. The cloud version – Office 365 – has proven to be just as useful. Businesses that use Office 365 purchase a plan and pay either monthly or yearly. True to Microsoft, there are numerous plans for…

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Excel 2013's Quick Analysis

Excel 2013’s Quick Analysis Microsoft Excel is one of the most versatile office tools available to business owners and managers. This spreadsheet creator allows users to track hours, sales, and really almost any kind of data. It also allows data to be manipulated, usually by visualizing it, so that it is easier to digest and…

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Your Password May Not Be Secure

Your Password May Not Be Secure As the number of Internet users and systems we use rise, we continue to see a subsequent increase in security breaches and concerns. Many companies make an effort to minimize the chances of these risks by implementing antivirus scanners and more. The problem is, they are still at risk…

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Computer Vs Mobile Processors

Computer Vs Mobile Processors 2013 was a great year for mobile devices, with many powerful models being released really pushing the envelope of what we can do with a phone. Take, for example, the Nexus 5, which has a 2.26 GHz processor. At first glance, the processor speed puts it in competition with most mid-range…

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Using The Power Button On OS X

Using The Power Button On OS X MacBooks are among the most popular laptops currently available, with business and individual users turning to them in higher numbers than ever before. If you have a relatively new laptop or have bought one in the past year then you will likely have OS X Mavericks installed. However,…

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Differences Between BCP and DR

Differences Between BCP and DR A disaster can strike your business at any time and at any level of severity. These problems can also come in different guises, from something as small as the loss of yesterday’s data, to as large as a disaster that damages your whole office. Regardless of the type of problem,…

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