Disaster Recovery as a Service — DRaaS

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) has moved beyond a preventative measure for data protection to be a strategic option that provides many benefits. IT organizations recognize that protecting corporate data and making sure it is available to users is one of their top priorities.

A good DRaaS solution:

  • Reduces your CapEx cost — e.g. sometimes negating the need for you to build a secondary data center
  • Reduced Operational Expense – you no longer need specialized Disaster Recovery personnel
  • Provides options to replicate or back up your data in multiple geographic regions in case of natural disasters
  • Assists in helping your organization meet HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and other regulatory compliance requirements where applicable
  • Increases your flexibility to shift and migrate workloads between different Cloud platforms as your business needs evolve
  • Allows you to easily spin up workloads to develop and test against non-production environments
  • Perhaps most importantly, DRaaS improves data recovery times and provides near real-time protection depending on your configuration

With all this value, you can see why so many organizations are gravitating toward the DRaaS model versus traditional disaster recovery. So what makes LG Networks different?

LG Networks believes in providing organizations like yours with an affordable and customizable DRaaS solution that lets you choose your personalized mix of cloud, colocation and your own data center. We give you the tools to reduce hybrid complexity, manage resilience and simplify management with software-defined integration.

It isn't only our technology that sets our DRaaS apart. It is our employees who work with you to redo your DRaaS arrangement. At the point when the National Elevator Industry Benefit Plans, an association that oversees wellbeing and money related advantages to elevator-construction workers, was searching for a DRaaS arrangement, they couldn't discover one that met every one of their necessities. LG Networks worked together with their inner group to outline a tailored DRaaS arrangement that will eliminate their recovery time and recovery point goals in addition to produced information made by their workers.

“LG Networks brought in experts who understood the technology and how to collaborate with us to achieve a common goal,” said Ron Tedesco, director of IT. “They understood our cost concerns, too. Anyone can design a great system with a million-dollar budget, but that’s not the world most of us live in.

How DRaaS works:Disaster Recovery as a Service

Protected servers, applications, and data are ready and available in minutes

Data and applications are replicated to the cloud

LG Networks protects systems at the customer premise, in an LG Networks Data Center and/or Public/Private cloud

LG Networks offers Cloud to Cloud Recovery DRaaS and Server to Cloud Recovery DRaaS. Each type has different configuration and high-availability options plus a variety of managed services available including fully-managed DRaaS. With 40 data centers across the United States, LG Networks provides you with many replication destination choices, which allows you to have protected data in different parts of the country. This is important because of potential natural disasters and other risks that may only affect one geographic region.

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