Managed AWS Cloud Services

LG Networks’ Managed AWS Cloud Service provides a layer of security, guidance and data analytics to maximize the benefits of AWS Cloud Services.  LG Networks’ Managed AWS Service will improve overall IT performance, shorten cycle times, and help meet compliance requirements.

Bundled with the LG Networks know-how in IT Management and IT Security, leveraging ITIL best practices; LG Networks’ customers are experiencing a return on their investment in less than 60 days.

Experience in configuring, implementing, operating AWS Cloud instances LG Networks’AWS Certified Professionals will provide a more secure public cloud infrastructure.

What you get with LG Networks’ AWS Managed Cloud Service

LG Networks, an AWS Partner, makes available Certified AWS IT professionals and advanced IT management tools providing essential IT services AWS does not offer:

  • A full set of “layered” IT security protection and detection monitored 24×7 (see below)
  • Systems and Application Monitoring, Remediation and Management
  • Backup Management Managed AWS | AWS Services
  • OS and Application Patch Management
  • Network, VPN, Firewall Management, intrusion detection
  • Service Level Reporting
  • Antivirus / Anti-malware Management
  • Best Practice Assessments and Recommendations
  • Develop and Track AWS Roadmap
  • Cost Assessments and Utilization Recommendations
  • 24×7 Dedicated Phone Support with AWS Escalation paths
  • ITIL-Based change management processes and governance
  • AWS Inventory, Resource Utilization, and Recommendations

Even if you have IT staff with the skill sets and tools to implement these services, it makes sense to use LG Networks’ Certified AWS IT Professionals.  Let your IT team focus on projects that move your business forward and leave AWS Cloud management to us. Contact Us -

Additional optional IT Managed Services are available to support hybrid cloud environments or any customized topology.  Contact Us to start a conversation with one of our cloud experts.

Critical IT Security Layers Provided by LG Networks

AWS security is limited and only extends through the operating system.  AWS does not provide protection for any applications.  LG Networks’ IT Security Services are designed so our clients can “offload” the entire set of cloud-based security support services needed to maintain a “secure” AWS environment.

Managed AWS | AWS Services

LG Networks Managed Security Services extends the IT security skills and capacity of our clients to protect applications, computing, and network infrastructure.  Our advanced security solutions are easy to implement, fully managed and do not require substantial upfront investments.

LG Networks’ Managed Security Services removes the burden of around-the-clock monitoring from organizations already taxed internal IT staff.  LG Networks offers a “layered” approach to IT Security providing full-coverage including:

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Policy Development
  • End User Security Training
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Network Anomaly Detection
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Malware, Antivirus, Spam protection

Why you want to use the LG Networks Managed AWS Cloud Hosting Service

Managed AWS | AWS Services

As an AWS Partner and with Certified AWS, Microsoft and Linux Professionals on staff providing 24×7 three-tier support to customers globally, we have the experience and skills to make sure your AWS Cloud instance is designed, implemented and runs correctly.  Proper configuration and design will ensure you get the optimum performance and at the same time get the maximum cost savings.

More importantly, LG Networks Managed AWS Cloud Service provides deeper security, greater backup options, richer monitoring and management services you will not get with AWS Cloud Services directly.  These essential services coupled with Synoptek’s 24×7 Help Desk Support ensures the levels of service and support you need to get drive the value from your AWS cloud services that you expected.


LG Networks AWS Managed Cloud Service Features You Need

Leverage LG Networks’ AWS Team to get the ongoing support you need.  From initial design and configuration strategy to 24×7 monitoring.

Systems and Application Monitoring, Remediation and Management – LG Networks will provide management of virtual machines including 24×7 monitoring, OS patch management, backup management, Anti-Virus and OS troubleshooting.  Also, we will provide monthly reports documenting critical alerts, scans, and event resolutions. Should a problem be discovered through our remote monitoring, LG Networks shall make every attempt to rectify the condition in conformance with your Service Level Agreement.

Backup Management – LG Networks will provide management of the customer cloud-based backup system to ensure the server is operating and performing the backups per the scheduled backup times.  Preventing loss of the critical data by providing backups that are frequently taken and on a regular schedule. Critical data that is constantly updated will need to be backed up more regularly, whereas more static data may only need nightly or weekly backups.

OS and Application Patch Management – Subscribed virtual instances will be patched according to the identified vendor or tier and corresponding patch management schedule that is identified in the customer run-book. Because some virtual instance may be inaccessible, some systems may not be fully patched per the defined schedule.

  • Ongoing System monitoring for version compliance
  • Analysis of appropriate patch applications
  • Scheduling of patch application
  • Execution of patch application

Network, VPN, Firewall Management

LG Networks will manage virtual firewall and network configuration, updates, and tuning.   Basic firewall management functions such as IP and port blocking are included.  LG Networks will also perform up/down monitoring of virtual firewalls and ensure that configurations are backed up.

LG Networks will provide maintenance, updates, rule changes, tuning and 24/7 monitoring for supported virtual firewall devices. LG Networks will also monitor performance network devices and ensure that system configurations are backed up.

This service provides monitoring, management, and limited rule changes. The quantity of rule changes is limited to 3 per month per device. Additional rule changes are handled on a time & materials basis to cover the cost of implementing, validating and documenting the change.

LG Networks will manage circuits and related escalations (providing a letter of agency is completed), for the purpose of troubleshooting.  VPN Management includes adds/edits/deletes to user VPN as well as site-to-site VPN tunnels.  VPN site-to-site tunnel management. Includes monitoring and remediation for client site-to-site tunnels; monitoring and escalation for client-to-third party tunnels. Third-party site device(s) not included.

Service Reporting – LG Networks will provide on a monthly/quarterly basis, with a roll-up of availability and performance on customer’s environment.  A high-level executive summary table will present the overall view, further detail heat map by category and device resource graphs.  Only key performance indicators are reported, although a greater number are monitored.

Antivirus / Anti-malware Management– Anti-Virus software periodically requires updates to keep current and provide protection against the latest malware, virus, etc.  LG Networks will ensure that updates are deployed to the subscribed virtual machines unless otherwise indicated by the Client. Because some virtual machines may be inaccessible, some systems may not be fully updated.

LG Networks will supply Anti-Virus software on all subscribed servers (if applicable) where a patch management agent is also deployed.    Includes Anti-Virus and malware protection for virtual machines. Includes policy setup, automatic definition downloads, and automatic scheduled scans.  Anti-Virus software updates will come from the Anti-Virus software vendor and are not written by LG Networks.  LG Networks will handle applying the Anti-Virus software and maintain updates to the software as released by the Anti-Virus software company and in accordance to update schedules.

AWS Compliance & Best Practice Assessments and Recommendations – LG Networks provides 200+ critical security best practice checks and alerts stemming from standards, regulations, AWS recommendations and our in-house experts.

 AWS Cost Management and Recommendations

Save money and optimize performance with cloud right-sizing recommendations and resource management. With advanced alerting and cloud governance, LG Networks ensures every dollar is used for optimizing your public cloud performance.


Why is LG Networks the Company to do this for my organization?

  • Whether you are just migrating to the cloud or you have been using cloud storage for years, many areas of concern still exist. Have you deployed the right workloads and are you using the optimal configurations?  Are you managing all of your cloud instances?  Are your cloud costs continuing to rise?
  • Knowledge gained in doing hundreds of cloud migrations and implementations is applied to our analysis and recommendations
  • We are experienced in how to maximize capabilities unique to operating in the cloud, as well as pitfalls to avoid.
  • We are personal and prefer to meet with you because every customer is different. This is not an automated service.
  • We have a nationwide team and a deep technical bench
  • Guaranteed to offer you cost savings or performance improvement recommendations that could save you thousands



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