LG Network’s Introduction to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure formerly known as Windows Azure is a cloud computing service that’s one of Microsoft’s front-running strategies with an end-plan of shifting everyday computing and storing based computer operations to the cloud.

Azure from Microsoft currently competes with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Google’s cloud computing, we will be discussing these two in future articles.

Contrary to popular belief - Cloud computing and Cloud Storage are two very different technical terms.

Cloud storage is a term which is quite commonly known with the adaptation of Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and similar applications which store data on a remote server.

Cloud computing is an advanced term used reserved only for actual computing that takes on massive cloud-enabled servers. This type of computing advanced computing can be used by businesses, agencies, corporations and even individuals.

Traditionally most business and organizations would host their own Servers and invest in an infrastructure for services like (Email Server, Web Server etc..). To scale up with the computing power requirements, additional server hardware was to be purchased to compensate. This combined with the fact that after a while older hardware used to become obsolete with time, the entire investment ended up costing a fortune.

The beauty of Cloud computing is that it is not traditional in any way, you don’t have to run a datacentre with your own hardware and you don’t have to use some specific hardware for it.

So how does Microsoft Azure Deliver its services?

Microsoft Azure is a scalable cloud computing resource provider, you just pay to access its massive pool of computing resources for:

  1. Web Servers

  2. Email Servers

  3. Databases

  4. File Storage Servers

  5. Virtual Machines

  6. User Directories

And the list continues, you can practically program it to do anything while paying for only the computer resources that you use. It is completely scalable according to your needs. Need Help configuring Azure?

Cost Effective Computing

The upfront cost of setting up Azure is almost negligible, especially considering you don’t have to spend a lot of money in creating your own server room. There’s absolutely no risk of overpaying or the looming fear of your hardware becoming outdated.

Azure lets you host whatever that you need to host in their cloud and you only pay for the computing resources that you use. If at a certain point you decide that you need more resources then you can always scale up and increase your demand.

What can you do with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Cloud computing opens you to a number of opportunities. Azure Cloud computing comes with a full directory of services including databases, storage, backups and services for mobile and web based apps.

Azure may be from Microsoft, but it can run much more than just Windows; you can also create and run Linux virtual machines on it. With the adaptability towards a wide variety of workloads and pricing in accordance to the processing power, memory and Storage capacity used.

Source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-machines/linux/overview

Automation on Azure

Development operations go a long way where the entire infrastructure has to be coded. Microsoft Azure works well with all the major automation tools including Ansible, Chef, Salt Stack, and Puppet but also brings in their own tools for automation.

So who can use it?

Anyone can use Azure, all you have to do is go to the Azure website and you can sign up with a new account getting $200 which is valid for the first 30 days and see how Azure works out for your organization or your web app or your hosting needs. Azure Sign-up



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