Office 365 advantages and disadvantages

Microsoft Office 365 – Advantages and Disadvantages

To beat the competition and to be the leader of adapting dynamic features being introduced in the business world is a challenging task. But, this will help you to be on top of the leading businesses.

Office 365 advantages

Adding Microsoft Office 365 can bring efficiency for your business but as every business has its pros and cons, following are a few of these of Microsoft Office 365 to give you an enhanced overlook which will help you decide it’s compatibility with your work:


  • Accessibility: With the available cloud feature of Office 365, you can easily have access to your stored files and data from any appliance that supports the software. All that you would require is an internet connection to load your cloud.
  • Enhanced Work Efficiency: It helps in determining factors such as collaboration of teams and reliable plus automatic updates which enhances the overall efficiency of the work done.
  • Security: The advanced security features of Office 365 have made it a secure and trustable cloud-based system for users. These features include prevention of loss of data, identification of threats and management of the software through mobile. It also enables security check on emails and online data to scan for any hidden viruses or threats.
  • Supple Plans: Office 365 allows you to choose a plan suiting your business rather than adjusting your business as per the plan. It gives you a variety of combinations of features which will help your business to grow.


  • Internet Requirement: having an internet connection is a necessity in order to have access to your stored files and data on your cloud system. In case you are nowhere near an internet connection or are under a poor one, it will be impossible for you to have access to your stored files.
  • Glitches In Security System: a few advantages of the security features might even prove to be the disadvantages to your business. For examples, a certain format of file can be blocked for importing for security reasons while you need to transfer those particular types of files for functioning. A few more such glitches can obstruct your functioning.
  • Compatibility: Microsoft Office 365 requires updated and relatively new software. This is because the old versions installed in your appliance wouldn’t support the Office 365 software. The advanced features being introduced in it every now and then need new systems. Its complexity and sophistication cannot be accessed over old systems.

How to Decide to Go to Microsoft Office 365 or Not?

In case you are thinking of adding Office 365 to your business to switch to advanced and amazing features, you should undoubtedly compare it with a few available options to be specific and to make a productive decision.

Research upon the various available cloud-based systems and the features they provide you with. Then compare these features with that of Microsoft Office 365 and analyze what’s best for your Business’s development and progress.

Office 365 provides you with some amazing features which allow you to be better than others and to increase the efficiency of your work.

If you have any questions about Office 365 features, feel free to contact us today.

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