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Office 365 Migration

What will your cloud computing environment look like when you’ve completed your migration?

Cloud computing experts sometimes refer to the “cloud migration” planning process as developing a technology roadmap between your current state and your desired future state. If you don’t go through this “mapping” process and develop answers to key issues ahead of time, you’ll likely create far more business process disruption than desired, resulting in a far more expensive transition.

An Office 365 Migration Checklist,
Are You Prepared?

Like any trip, you need to start by knowing where you’re coming from, what you are bringing with you, and where you are going.  Review our list of the Top 20 items you need to consider for your cloud migration project.  Whether you are moving workloads or migrating to different cloud providers, this list will provide you a set of topics you need to consider. Contact Us

Contact Us to have one of our Cloud Solution Architects call you back and answer any questions regarding your cloud computing needs.

Review our Cloud Migration Check List:

Top 20 Office 365 Migration Checklist.

Office 365 Migration Assessment

LG Networks’ Cloud Migration Assessment provides the “hard data” for your cloud migration.  We evaluate all of the key parameters you need to review in any cloud migration project.  This includes current pricing for Office 365 or other various vendors like AWS and Azure using your precise workload and computing demands.

LG Networks’ Cloud Assessment Report provides you value worth many times over its price.  Pricing is based upon the number of physical or virtual servers analyzed in your environment.  Here’s what you get in the Cloud Assessment Report:

Cloud Migration Assessment Report:

  • Cloud Migration Readiness AssessmentOffice 365 Migration
  • Cloud Migration Strategy and Tactics
  • Application Discovery and Dependency Analysis
  • Right-Sized Resource Allocation
  • Total Cost Assessment
  • “What if Analysis” around computing, backups, and storage
  • Real-time Cost Comparisons between Office 365, AWS, Azure, and others
  • Do you have the “BEST” cloud vendors and configurations

Public Cloud Server Virtualization –Balancing Performance with Workload

LG Networks’ Managed IT Cloud Hosting Services in a virtualized environment provides greater scalability, agility and cost control.  Reduce capital expenditures and the need to expand your physical IT assets by using a virtualized IT infrastructure.  Automate basic IT processes and create an “elastic” environment of computing, storage, and networking resources.

Balancing physical servers, processor capacity and network resources requires a sophisticated set of IT management toolsets and skills.  At LG Networks we have a trained IT staff Office 365 Migration and dedicated resources whose focus is to provide the day-to-day management of virtualized servers.  All virtualized servers are not the same.  Our advanced set of monitoring and administration tools ensures you get the optimum use of your IT assets with the performance your user’s demand.

Managed Cloud Hosting and Storage Solutions

LG Networks’ Managed Cloud Hosting and data storage provides the agility and efficiency you expect from a trusted 20-year veteran. You select private, public, or hybrid cloud hosting custom configurations over multiple locations and multiple environments based on your business needs.  Managed Cloud Hosting solutions also include Microsoft Azure and AWS platforms.

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