Office 365 Support Types

Microsoft Office 365: Every Support Office 365 Provides

Office 365 support

With every Microsoft Office 365 subscription, Microsoft provides support related to pre-sales, billing, subscription and even technical globally. Microsoft is always well-known for their support system and never letting its users down. They still maintain the same reputation even with their recently launched Office 365.

The support is available to Office 365 users 24×7 by both mediums – online and telephone. The support system is in place for both paid users as well as trial subscriptions. In fact, the closed service requests can be reopened within 14 days of request closure. The support staff troubleshoots any issues raised with Office 365. This particular helpline number provided for O365 solves issued raised only for O365. For other issues, related helplines should be used. To know about the details better, take a look at the following points:

1. Self-help Support:

Microsoft has a good background for self-support system. They have communities and forums where all issues can be addressed easily. The self-help options also include community discussions, video tutorials, articles, forums and even troubleshooting tools. There are also training courses available for end users.

2. Pre-sales Support:

The Pre-sales support of Microsoft Office 365 includes assistance regarding the comparison of features, plans and prices, benefits and licensing. The support team through email or on call will help you identify the best option suitable to you. Additionally, the team can also help with finding a partner for you, purchase and sign-up of a trial. The support team is available by telephone from Monday to Friday during business hours.

3. Billing and Subscription Support:

The subscription support includes subscription management issues like signing up for a trial or paid version of a subscription, converting the trial version into the paid version, renewing the subscription, license renewal or canceling a subscription. Along with that, the support team can also help you understand the bill generated.

4. Technical Support:

The technical support team provides assistance during installation, setup and even general usage related technical issues. The technical support includes everything from installation of contacts and Skype to Office 365 software, the configuration of services, to setting up of cloud services. There are different kinds of support plans available to suit every individual need.

5. Additional support services:

Mostly, the support services of Microsoft meet the needs of every individual. Certain customers have more advanced needs and complex requirements. For such customers, Microsoft has an option of paid support services. The paid options have a quicker response time. The service includes support for update management, advisory services from advanced engineers, on-site workshops etc.


All the support options given above are worldwide options and Microsoft has always maintained the quickest response time even for trial subscriptions. They have a dedicated team for every aspect of particularly Office 365. So the users are bound to get the best from their power packed and advanced software. Microsoft recognizes that to stay ahead in today’s time, it is necessary to be able to work from anywhere and at any time. Office 365 helps with just that. And to keep the machine running smoothly, they have all the important levers in place.

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