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Chrome Beta for Android updated

Update to the Beta Version of Chrome for Android One of the biggest attractions of smartphones is the apps. There is an app for almost everything you want to do, with more being introduced on a daily basis. Because of this demand for apps, popular computer programs, like Internet browsers, have mobile versions. Users of…

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Add notes to your Android contacts

There are a wide variety of reasons the smartphone has become an integral part of any business owner’s daily life. One of the biggest is that these devices are functional, largely due in part to the multitude of apps available that can help make our lives just a little bit easier. If you have an…

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Sanity allows Android call management

Cell phones are definitely one of the most important inventions of modern times They have more or less replaced landlines for many, and are an indispensable part of any business. While the two main features of the phone – calling and texting – are great, with many systems like Android offering basic call and text…

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A 2013 snapshot of Android

Do you have a sweet tooth and like tech devices? Google does. Their mobile platform, Android, has brought a little bit of a sugar rush to many users because of all the sweet applications and devices. While Android isn’t as popular as its major competitor – iOS – it is enjoying an increased number of…

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Pimp my Android device’s screen

Upgrade Your Android Device’s Screen 2011, ’12 and ’13 are shaping up to be the years of the rectangle. Take a look at almost all the smartphones and tablets released in the past years and all you see is a rectangle with rounded edges. This homogeneity isn’t conducive to customization at least on the outside.…

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Google releases Nexus 4 and 10

Google releases Nexus 4 and 10 The world of tablets and smartphones is a fast one. It seems like a new device that pushes the boundaries is introduced each week. When it comes to Android, what devices set the boundaries for others to break? Google’s Nexus line. Nexus devices are what Google thinks of as…

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How to prevent loss of important numbers

How to prevent loss of important numbers If you have a smartphone, take a step back and ask yourself: how many phone numbers can you remember? Chances are high you’ll be able to remember the phone numbers you dialed countless times when you were a kid, or before you had a mobile. Now, however, most…

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Grab a new keyboard for your Android

Android Keyboards Change Layout One of the main reasons people choose an Android smartphone is because of the openness of the system. Don’t like the layout your phone uses? Change it, Google isn’t going to stop you. One of the most common things people change on their device is what keyboard they’re using. There’s a…

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Jelly Bean, Android’s newest sweet treat

Google has a bit of a sweet tooth, as is evident by the codenames it applies to the different versions of Android. The newest version, introduced in late June has been given the codename Jelly Bean and will bring with it some great new features that will benefit many users. Are you ready for something…

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Read the news using RSS on Android

Read the news using RSS on Android The amount of information available to us is staggering and growing at a daily rate Because of this, many managers have been turning from newspapers and magazines to the Internet to get their news and other information. The only problem with this is that you have to physically…

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