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Android Trends for 2014

Android Trends for 2014 Android has become one of the top two mobile operating systems and is arguably the most popular if you look at the number of devices it is installed on. In 2013 we saw a number of new high-end Android devices released along with two versions of Android and new Nexus devices.…

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Buying an Android: Guide

Buying an Android: Guide The holiday season is upon us, and many people are starting to purchase their gifts. This year, as with the past few years, tech devices like tablets are among the most popular gifts. Throughout 2013 a wide variety of tablets were introduced, many of which are excellent. The most sought after…

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An overview of Android 4.3

An overview of Android 4.3 In late July, Google introduced the latest version of Android – version 4.3. This was rumored to be a completely new version of Android but turned out to be a smaller incremental update. While not massively different, the update brings some beneficial features that enhance the overall usefulness of Android…

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Extend your Android's battery life

Extend your Android’s battery life Tablets can do almost everything a computer can these days, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. One of the more common issues people have with these devices though is the battery life. Some simply don’t make it through the day. If you have an Android tablet, there…

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Google releases new Nexus 7

Google releases new Nexus 7 There is little arguing about the rise in popularity of mobile tablets. These devices have enabled business owners, managers and employees to work while mobile. One of the popular tablets of the past year has been Google’s Nexus 7. In late July, Google announced and subsequently released a new version…

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Optimize Google Play's Settings

Optimize Google Play’s Settings There are numerous tech devices that are useful to business owners and managers – one of the most being tablets. While there are many different kinds of tablets, those running Android are among the most popular. One reason for their popularity is the apps, which can be found on the Google…

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Gmail updated with new layout

Gmail updated with new layout There are nearly 800.000 apps in the Google Play store, many of which appeal to business users. One of the most important app types is email and the most popular app for this is Google’s Gmail. Gmail users know that the app is updated on a fairly regular basis. The…

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Who wants to learn about tethering?

Who wants to learn about tethering? As technology continues to invade every aspect of our lives, the number of devices we own keeps increasing. Having both a tablet and a smartphone is not uncommon for many business owners today. If you have an Android tablet, you likely can’t connect to a mobile network, but did…

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Use your Android tablet to take notes

Taking Notes on an Android Tablet ‘Note to self: Check the status of order number 3261 after lunch.’ Do you find yourself making mental notes like these on a regular basis? How many of them do you actually remember? Most people find that if they don’t write it down, they will most likely forget. But…

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Can’t unlock your Android?

Can’t unlock your Android? There are numerous devices that help make a business owner’s or manager’s job easier, or more efficient. One example is the tablet, which has become popular across the board in all industries. As with any tech, we want to keep the information on it secure, so most professionals will use a…

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