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Learn about the Android Nexus

Learn about the Android Nexus When it comes to mobile devices Users really only have the choice between a closed system with three incredibly popular devices, or an open system with hundreds of phones. For those who want choice, that system is Android. When researching devices, you are bound to hear about Android’s Nexus line,…

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Mobile Advertising Networks

Mobile Phone Advertising Networks Tablets will be in. Just take a look throughout the next period you are out in a coffee shop. Really pretty much guaranteed that you will see by least two or 3. The amount of tablets out there is continuously growing, and these portable devices give a great prospect for companies…

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Wireless file sharing is easy on Android

Computers are getting smaller. In the not-too-distant future, it’s highly likely that the many business owners, managers, and employees will do the majority of their work on tablets, instead of desktops. This trend is already starting, and devices like Android tablets are making inroads into the office. The one downside is that transferring files between…

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Should businesses adopt Android tablets?

Is the Android tablet right for your business? The last few weeks have been rife with tech speculation. No, we aren’t talking about the results of any election, rather new tablets. It seems that the last two weeks of October have turned into ‘Open Tablet Season’, where developers go hunting for sales by releasing new…

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Android tablets, mind map apps

Often, the hardest things a manager has to do is keep ideas straight, or translate creative ideas from their heads onto paper. One of the best ways to achieve this is through the use of mind maps, having a central idea and visually connecting ideas to it. Mind maps are designed to help people see…

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Malware for Android poses as Firefox

Firefox Being Used as Bait to Attack Android Users with Malware These days mobile devices are as common as computers, if not more so. Some people have even forsaken the computer entirely in favor of them. While they might be mobile they are still very much computers, and as such, they are just as much…

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