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Using The Power Button On OS X

Using The Power Button On OS X MacBooks are among the most popular laptops currently available, with business and individual users turning to them in higher numbers than ever before. If you have a relatively new laptop or have bought one in the past year then you will likely have OS X Mavericks installed. However,…

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Tags in OS X Mavericks

OS X Tags in Mavericks Apple has been releasing new versions of their popular operating system OS X on a nearly yearly basis. The latest update – 10.9 ‘Mavericks’ – brings some useful features which business users are enjoying. One of the more popular features of Mavericks is the ability to tag files and folders…

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New OS X 10.9 for online surfers

New OS X 10.9 for online surfers Apple is a big fan of releasing near yearly updates. You can count on a new version of OS X to be released annually, bringing with it new features and some pretty heavy marketing. On October 22, Apple released the latest version, OS X Mavericks. Now that it…

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Format HDDs on Mac for Windows

Format HDDs on Mac for Windows There are numerous advantages to using Apple’s computers in your office. When you work with systems that are part of the Apple ecosystem, they just seem to work. Try to connect a machine or device that is not compatible with Apple, however, and there can be problems. For example,…

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Apple launches new Support site

Apple launches new Support site While computers and mobile devices have been instrumental in changing the way we live, communicate and work, they still break down from time-to-time. That’s why companies like Apple have support websites and they are usually the first place a customer looks when they are having problems with their devices. An…

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Product key tracking for Mac

Product key tracking for Mac If you find that you need to reinstall software on your computer or a number of computers in the office, you will likely need to enter a product code/cd-key or serial number. Many offices don’t follow a set practice with regards to storing these keys and this can cause an…

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Here comes OS X Mavericks

Here comes OS X Mavericks Apple is widely known to produce devices and software with solid support and usability, in fact, they have built their name on easy to use systems. Their desktop operating system, OS X, is quickly becoming the go-to-choice for the younger generation and even some businesses. In late June, the company…

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Apple releases OS X 10.8.4 update

Apple releases OS X 10.8.4 update When it comes to computers, there are numerous operating systems (OS) that you can use. While many companies use Microsoft Windows, Apple’s OS X has been gaining popularity due to its usability and general stability. The latest version of OS X 10.8 – Mountain Lion has proven to be…

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4 tweaks to improve OS X's Finder

4 tweaks to improve OS X’s Finder Apple, once written off by many experts, has been making massive inroads in the technology world. The company’s name has become associated with products that are easy to use and simply work. One of the more important products is their operating system (OS), OS X. OS X has…

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Do you have a password on your Mac?

The security of computer systems and the data stored within is paramount in the minds of many business owners. There are some who go out of their way to ensure their systems are secure from outside hackers and network intrusions only to leave their physical systems wide open. It would be a good idea to…

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