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Adjust your mouse cursor’s size – OS X

Adjust your mouse cursor’s size – OS X There are many different components that make up the modern computer. One of the more useful is the mouse: imagine having to navigate an operating system (OS) with the keyboard? No thanks. While the mouse is useful, there can be times where the pointer on your screen…

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How to share files on OS X

How to share files on OS X One of the more common things all business owners and managers need to do is to share files and folders with colleagues and employees. Most will usually just use email, however this does have its limitations. There are numerous other ways to share important information, including utilizing a…

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Manage open OS X apps with shortcuts

When it comes to comparing the different operating systems available, most users argue between the big two: PC and Mac. Both systems offer a different user experience and have ardent fans. For those switching to a Mac, it can feel a bit daunting at how seemingly different it is. After a few days, however, most…

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OS X and the bootable install disk

With the recent release of Mountain Lion, Apple decided to make this a platform that can only be downloaded. This means users can simply download and install the OS. The downside to this is that there is no physical DVD. This means that if something happens to your computer, or if you need to reinstall…

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Thinking of switching to OS X 10.8?

One of the more popular debates in recent history is the one over which operating system is the best. Windows is typically seen to be utilitarian and often used by the workforce, while OS X is seen to be more hip, and easier to use. With new versions of both systems released this year, we’ve…

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Automate OS X actions quickly and easily

When people talk about different operating systems, ease of use is usually one of the most debated topics. OS X users often note that the OS is a lot easier to use and is more user friendly than the competitors. While there are many great apps for OS X, there are also a number of…

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Use the keyboard to navigate your Mac

How to Navigate Using the Keyboard on a Mac Apple’s computers have become a status symbol for the younger, school-bound generation. Sit and watch a college freshman using a Mac laptop for more than a few minutes and you’ll be amazed by how efficient they are with it. The key to this efficiency is through…

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