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Differences Between BCP and DR

Differences Between BCP and DR A disaster can strike your business at any time and at any level of severity. These problems can also come in different guises, from something as small as the loss of yesterday’s data, to as large as a disaster that damages your whole office. Regardless of the type of problem,…

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Technology and business continuity

Technology and business continuity On November 8 typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines leaving a trail of unimaginable destruction. Watching the various news channels covering the disaster and recovery, business owners can’t help but reflect how a disaster would affect their ability to cope and survive, as well as the safety of those they work…

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Backing up data? Avoid these mistakes

Backing up data? Avoid these mistakes One of the most important aspects of your business is the data you store. From client information to emails and even whole business functions, the data you store needs to be protected. While companies are starting to take steps to protect data, many are not taking enough steps to…

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Communication during disaster

Communication during disaster A disaster can happen at any time, and be of varying severity. Many business owners and managers understand this and have already responded to this potential reality by taking steps to develop plans on what to do during a disaster. While these plans will likely help keep a business operational, their weakest…

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Is your business ready for a disaster?

Is your business ready for a disaster? Take a minute and ask yourself: if when it comes to business, you are prepared. The months of August through October are widely considered to be the worst for natural disasters in the northern hemisphere. In an effort to help bring awareness to this fact and to help…

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DRaaS – what does it mean?

DRaaS – what does it mean? A disaster can strike at any time and in on any level of severity. Recent big-scale disasters have shown that some small to medium businesses simply aren’t prepared, or prepared enough, for a disaster. Companies of all sizes are however starting to come around and adopt disaster recovery plans.…

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Will your continuity plan work?

Will your continuity plan work? Disasters can affect a business at any time and to any degree of severity. In an effort to reduce or hinder the damage that can result from a disaster, while also keeping the business working, many companies have taken to adopting business continuity plans. These plans can be quite complex…

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Why Continuity plans fail

Why Continuity plans fail For many countries in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s either the tail-end or start of disaster season. From fires to floods, or even massive heat waves, there will be many regions affected by a disaster this year. Many businesses take steps to prepare for a disaster, often adopting a Business Continuity Plan.…

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Offsite backup – 5 benefits!

Offsite backup – 5 benefits! Disaster can strike at any time and in any form when it comes to business and sometimes something as seemingly straightforward as dropping a hard drive can really create havoc. Regardless of what disaster may occur, one will eventually strike your organization. To stave off the negative effects many companies…

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5 disaster preparedness tips

Take a moment and think about your business and if you are prepared for a disaster If you are like most business owners or managers you have some form of backup and maybe even a basic disaster recovery plan. While this is a start, recent big disasters around the world have proven that a simple…

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