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Get your data off of Google

One of Google’s founding principles is, “Don’t be evil.” As the company grew and began to introduce more apps, including ones where a user’s data was stored on Google’s servers, it started to become apparent that it was tough to get this information off of the servers. In an effort to turn this around, Google…

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Chrome Not Working? Troubleshoot it!

Chrome Not Working? Troubleshoot it! The Internet browser … has become one of the many indispensable tools at a businesses disposal. And, as cloud systems continue to increase in popularity, these will likely become the main way employees access various systems like email, document production, and even storage. Google’s Chrome is one of the most…

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Google in 2014 and Beyond

Google in 2014 and Beyond Google, one of the world’s largest and most well-known companies, offers numerous services and apps that are used by businesses and individuals the world over. 2013 proved to be a solid year for the giant tech company, with many different features and products introduced to make their offerings even better.…

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Splitting Your Google Doc Into Columns

Splitting Your Google Doc Into Columns At first glance, Google Drive is a powerful cloud-based office solution. Mixing the ability to share and create files, it’s proving to be a useful tool for many businesses. Take for example the word processor – Google Docs – it has many of the important features users need. There…

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5 Useful Google Calendar Labs Features

5 Useful Google Calendar Labs Features The calendar is among the most useful tools that businesses have at their disposal. While a physical calendar is still in common use, digital calendars, like Google Calendar, are quickly becoming the mainstay, largely because they are so handy. What you may not know is that there are some…

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Control Notifications on Drive

Control Notifications on Drive It used to be the case that Google was known for its popular search engine. Now, the company is known for almost everything related to the Internet. Their suite of apps are used by individuals and businesses the world over, and Drive is quickly becoming one of the most popular document…

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Google updates security on Chrome

Google updates security on Chrome To many businesses, the Internet browser is among the most important tools at their disposal. Unfortunately, the browser is also one of the main ways malicious software can infect a computer or system. In an effort to curb infections, developers like Google implement security features into their browsers. Chrome has…

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Restricted communities on Google+

Restricted communities on Google+ Not surprisingly, the idea of a social media profile is to be just that, social For businesses, this means having a social media profile that is public and can be easily found by customers and potential customers. But, as social media advances, some businesses are finding different ways to use it…

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Gmail updates attachments

Gmail updates attachments The attachment has become one of the most integral parts of sending and receiving emails. This is a vital way of sharing important files, pictures, and documents, etc. A common problem many business owners and managers come across when managing an attachment though is that have downloaded it and often have trouble…

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Big business market trends for SMBs

Big business market trends for SMBs Big business models depend on millions of dollars of market research taken from thousands of billable hours. However, for most small or medium size businesses (SMBs) the opportunity to mine this detailed research has been an unobtainable dream until recently that is. Google Trends opens up direct access to…

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