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Change Chrome's New Tab page

Change Chrome’s New Tab page Google is always changing their products and services and this is simply the nature of the tech industry. While it is true that any company that doesn’t develop likely won’t be around for long, sometimes the alterations don’t meet the approval of some users. A good example of this is…

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Google Analytics defined

Google Analytics defined Google Analytics… Analytics is the study of data with the idea of identifying patterns so one can also discern useful information. One of the more popular forms of analytics is digital, which focuses on data largely related to websites. The most common tool used for this is Google Analytics. If you have…

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AdWords call button may help

AdWords call button may help If you have your smartphone within reach, open your browser and search for ‘hardware store’. You should see a few local businesses pop up under the map, most of which should have a click to call button which when pressed will telephone that specific business. This certainly seems like a…

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File size limits for Google Drive

File size limits for Google Drive Google’s various products and services are among the most common Internet-based solutions. One of the more useful offerings is Google Drive. This cloud-based storage and productivity platform offers some powerful tools, but like most other cloud systems there is a limit as to how big files can be. Do…

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Google Account Recovery setup

Google Account Recovery setup Ensure your Google account… Google’s products and services have made their way into the daily lives of nearly every Internet user. From YouTube to Gmail and even Drive, chances are high that you have an account with Google and maybe even store or have some important information associated with it. There…

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Google's Chrome App Launcher

Google’s Chrome App Launcher In September of 2008, Google released Google Chrome. Now, five years later, it’s become one of the most popular browsers on the planet, with users in almost every country. Over the past five years, Google has continually updated the browser with new features and apps that make it even more useful.…

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What is Author Rank?

What is Author Rank? Google Author Rank… One of the more common Internet trends is blogging. Companies have found blogging to be a valuable marketing tool, and Google has been trying to showcase quality content in their search results. In fact, they have actually launched a concept known as Author Rank which could impact not…

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Google Maps app: 5 useful tips

Google Maps app: 5 useful tips Get around easier using Google Maps… With the ever-increasing amount of businesses going online and yet still welcoming customers through the front door, the map has become one of the more important tools. Online maps, like Google’s Maps, allow users to find businesses and get around more easily. Map…

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Group contacts together in Gmail

Group contacts together in Gmail There is little doubt as to the fact that email has completely changed the way we communicate. Because there are numerous functions and features that make up many of the popular email programs, it can be hard to master or even learn about them all. One feature in Gmail that…

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A look at Chrome's tabs

A look at Chrome’s tabs A popular Internet browser used by both business and personal users is Google’s Chrome. With numerous features that make it not only an easy to use but also powerful browser, it’s easy to see why. One of the more useful features is tabbed browsing which allows users to look at…

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