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SkyDrive Pro – What Is It?

SkyDrive Pro – What Is It? Microsoft has many programs that business users find useful. One is SharePoint which provides a web-based infrastructure whereby you can create portals, manage files, enable collaboration, create social networks, and more. Generally sold as a part of the Office 365 platform, users that subscribe to Office 365 and SharePoint…

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Switch Plans – Easier Office 365 Upgrades

Switch Plans – Easier Office 365 Upgrades Microsoft Office has long been the go-to source for office productivity programs. The cloud version – Office 365 – has proven to be just as useful. Businesses that use Office 365 purchase a plan and pay either monthly or yearly. True to Microsoft, there are numerous plans for…

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New: Office 365 Message Encryption

New: Office 365 Message Encryption There are countless threats to business security. While many businesses implement digital security measures, like anti-virus scanners, they may struggle with sending secure communications. For users of Microsoft Office 365, there is a new email oriented security feature that many businesses may find useful. In late November, Microsoft introduced Office…

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How to turn smart quotes off in Word

How to turn smart quotes off in Word It is now common for most businesses to post content online. Whether it be in the form of a blog, brochure, or even content for a website, you will eventually need to upload something. When businesses create this content they usually write it in a word processor…

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Word Web App collaboration improves

Word Web App collaboration improves There is little doubt as to which office productivity software is the most popular – Microsoft’s Office. While the cloud-based version of Office – Office 365 – is growing and constantly evolving, many businesses are finding that Office Web Apps are also quite useful. These ”light’ versions of Office come…

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Create polls using Lync

Create polls using Lync The cloud-based version of Microsoft Office – Office 365 – is quickly becoming one of the more popular product offerings from the Redmond tech giant. While there are numerous programs included in the suite, Lync, which enables communication, could be the most useful. Because it enables more effective collaboration it can…

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New Terms of Service for Google

New Terms of Service for Google It’s common practice that when you have an online account or use a website, you have to agree to a Terms of Service. This document outlines how you should use the service and what will happen if you misuse it. Companies like Google get you to agree to this…

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Excel's data validation

Excel’s data validation Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most popular offerings from the well-known software giant. With cloud-based versions of popular Office programs like Excel, businesses can create nearly any type of document. Excel has a number of useful features that make entering or manipulating data easier, for example, data validation. Here is…

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What is Exchange Online Protection?

Should you use Exchange Online Protection? Because email has become the main communication medium for businesses the world over, it’s a prime target for hackers. They will try sending malware, viruses or spam in hopes of getting into your network or stealing private information. Users of Microsoft Office 365 have an email scanning tool called…

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5 ways to use OneNote in the office

5 ways to use OneNote in the office Office 365 is quickly becoming one of the more popular Microsoft products available today. Because it is backed by cloud-based technology, many of the useful Office programs have been functionally extended beyond traditional means. One such program is Microsoft OneNote which enables users to take notes and…

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