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Microsoft doubles email storage

Microsoft doubles email storage As the Internet seeps into an increasing number of processes, businesses are moving systems to the cloud in record numbers. A popular place many companies start is by integrating a cloud-based office suite like Microsoft’s Office 365. While Office 365 is popular, it’s not perfect – one of the limitations is…

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Going away? Set an auto reply

Going away? Set an auto-reply. Communication and Email… Overview of Outlook Web Apps. Email has become one of the most important communication tools of nearly every business. Its instantaneous nature has drastically increased the speed at which business can be carried out. The downside is that many people want and expect instant replies. This is…

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Office 365 for Android released

Office 365 for Android released It is quickly becoming expected that popular program developers also create mobile apps that allow users to access parts of or all of the main program. Take for example Microsoft’s cloud-based Office suite Office 365. People have been asking Microsoft to release a mobile app for a while now, and…

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How to set Word's default font

How to set Word’s default font Businesses, regardless of the industry they operate in, usually produce documents on a regular basis. How these are presented will tend to vary, with some being printed, put on the Web, or simply left on hard drives and accessed electronically. Whatever you do, in terms of presentation and readability,…

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Lync 2013 – 5 great benefits

5 Benefits of Lync 2013 The most recent version of Office 365 – 2013, has been out for a few months now, and the popular Microsoft program has been generally received well by its users. Because of the popularity of Office programs, Office 365 has enjoyed considerable success, yet there are a number of programs…

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Outlook tip: How to archive your email

Outlook tip: How to archive your email Microsoft’s Office 365 is one of the more popular, if not the most popular, office productivity suites available to businesses. An integral part of Office 365 is Outlook – Microsoft’s email platform. With a wide array of features, Outlook is an email powerhouse. One useful feature is archive,…

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What is SkyDrive Pro?

What is SkyDrive Pro? A common tech topic of the past couple of years is cloud storage. Many of the major tech companies, like Google and Microsoft, have their own cloud storage platforms. The 2013 version of Microsoft’s cloud based productivity platform, Office 365, has a new cloud storage app called SkyDrive Pro. If you…

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Office Web Apps to get two new features

Office Web Apps to get two new features One of the more popular productivity oriented programs on the market today is Microsoft’s Office 365. Based in the cloud, this platform offers business users a way to increase the productivity of their whole organization while making communication and sharing easier. A lesser known feature included in…

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Word tip: Format numbered lists

Word tip: Format numbered lists One of the most important computer programs, aside from the operating system, is the productivity suite, or more specifically: Microsoft Office or Office 365. Of the Office programs, Word is likely the most popular. While it is useful, it’s not perfect, especially when formatting documents. Have you ever struggled to…

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Outline your next presentation in Word

Outline your next presentation in Word Presentations are an integral part of almost any role in business. While the information conveyed in these presentations varies, every presentation follows a general structure. This structure, or outline, can be time-consuming to layout in Microsoft’s PowerPoint. Did you know that there’s an easier way to create these outlines…

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