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2013: The year of the vendor switch?

2013: The year of the vendor switch? A new report suggests that 2013 may be the year of the great electronic medical records (EMR) vendor switch given that many EMRS are falling short of providers’ expectations To come to that conclusion, Black Book Rankings polled roughly 17,000 active EMR adopters – and found that as…

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Direct Project offers access to secure messaging

Direct Project offers access to secure messaging Probably the most asked for features in today’s electronic medical record (EMR) technology is a secure built-in messaging system. This is an important feature and many providers are integrating this feature. One project should make that easier, Direct Job. When today’s health-care providers exchange information, they’re likely sending…

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How better alerts improve HIV outcomes

How better alerts improve HIV outcomes Corporations have closed the literature in 2012 and have become looking forward to the rest of 2013. A single of the major things companies are likely to look at this time of 12 months is their marketing strategies. When it comes to marketing plans companies are starting to integrate…

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Using your technology the right way

Employing Your Technology the Right Way Occupied medical professionals often have difficulties to stay in the loop for of that all: managing the organization and handling billing generally cuts into the patient-care period. One solution: Get support from someone who may guide you throughout the process of using the technology the proper way. It’s one particular…

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How the cloud is transforming health care

How the cloud is transforming health care Cloud computing is still a relatively new information technology concept But it’s already beginning to be relevant in health care – because it utilizes economies of scale to provide massive computing power and storage to users who sign up for the service. Here are five ways cloud competing…

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Health-Care consumers are embracing IT

Health-Care consumers are embracing IT Doctors, it’s time to capture up: individuals are increasingly prepared to interact with details about health technology, matching to a new review The survey, conducted simply by Optum Institute and Harris Interactive, polled 4, 270 physicians, patients and clinic executives.According to the survey, patients are all set to use technology…

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You have data; what do you do with it?

What do you do with your data? The proliferation of mobile medical devices means providers are collecting more data than ever before—but how do you leverage it to improve your practice? With health-care reform making clinical outcomes more vital Payers and providers alike will likely come to see the value in collecting and analyzing data…

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Physicians and Software

Physicians and Software Five ways to Bridge the Divide between Desktop and Mobile Despite the popularity of mobile devices and software, 75 percent of physicians still use their desktops for practice management, according to a recent survey. Here’s why. There aren’t enough specific apps Physicians love their mobile devices, however, their concern is that when…

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EMRs Have fewer Malpractice Claims

Physician Used EMRs and Decreased Malpractice Claims Medical professional practices using electronic skilled records (EMRs) saw a lowering of malpractice claims, according to a recent study. The study titled “The Marriage Between Electronic Health Documents and Malpractice Claims”–conducted simply by Harvard Medical School experts was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine–tracked groups of Massachusetts…

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Five healthcare IT articles you need to read

Five healthcare IT articles you need to read Via new technology to the use of social networking, the industry press is abuzz with concepts Here are five of the best articles we go through in 2011 iPad two looks even better pertaining to docs. The iPad a couple of gives doctors with the point-of-care the…

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