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IT is Key to Patient-Centered Care

IT is Key to Patient-Centered Care With IT’s ever-changing and ever evolving demands, it’s important that businesses, especially those with fewer resources, be able to keep themselves up to date – and there’s no better, more efficient, and more cost-effective solution than Managed Services. Many large businesses prefer the use of Managed Services to meet…

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Tips for Creating a Strategic IT Plan

Creating a Strategic IT Plan The success of your IT depends on a strategic plan that defines your practice’s needs and looks to optimize your workflow. Ideally this plan will focus on both the patient and staff experience. Here are five considerations that can help get you started. Improve the patient experience Many healthcare practitioners…

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Cutting Your IT Costs in Five Steps

Facebook or myspace has become one of the key ways people speak You are able to post on householder’s Walls or send them messages using Facebook Messenger This, in and of itself is pretty impressive, but what’s lacking is the ability to call people directly from Fb Messenger. With the amount of folks accessing Facebook…

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Privacy and Security Rule in 2012

Privacy and Security Rule in 2012 Data breaches and patient privacy rights were some of the most popular health-care IT topics in 2011, and that’s unlikely to change in 2012 Below we review some related topics to help ensure that you stay clear of potential hurdles in the coming year. Medical identity theft resulting from…

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