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So many printers. What’s the difference?

Printers are among the more important pieces of equipment businesses have They are one of, if not the only, way to create hard copies of data stored on your computer. There are a nearly limitless number of printing jobs that can be done. As such, manufacturers have introduced a number of different types of printers,…

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Laptop a bit hot? Cool it down

Laptop a bit hot? Cool it down One of the quintessential tools of the mobile warrior (the new-age road warrior) is the laptop They are great for the mobile crowd and many businesses are even starting to use them in the office because they take up less space. Despite their comparatively high portability, they do…

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2013′s 3 big hardware trends

2013′s 3 big hardware trends Business owners are usually most successful when they are moving forward As such, it’s always a good idea to look into the future and see what coming trends your business should be aware of. When it comes to tech you might want to take a look at what hardware trends…

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Solid-state drive brings great benefits

The hard disk drive (HDD) has been an essential part of computers more or less since their inception. While they have gotten smaller and increased in capacity, they are quickly reaching a point where they won’t be able to go any faster, hold any more or last any longer. There is a replacement already making…

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Slow computer? Here’s 5 reasons why

5 Reasons your Computer is Running Slow Computers are wonderful machines, they have made our lives infinitely easier and it seems that nearly everything has a computer of some varying degree running it. Most company bosses expect their business computers to run at a speed that meets their needs. Over time, however, the speed at…

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Don’t toss your gadgets in the garbage

Don’t toss your gadgets in the garbage He who dies with the most toys wins right? While it may be great to have a multitude of devices and certainly makes our lives easier, it does create a fair amount of waste when we decide to get rid of something. Some people may be tempted to…

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Make cables less Pollock, more Bauhaus

Cables – Less Pollock, More Bauhaus Take a look at any product or building based on Bauhaus design. It’s clean, modern looking with a touch of simplicity that just looks right. Now, take a look at the cables connected to your computer or servers. They probably resemble something closer to a free-form, throw paint on…

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Dirty mouse or keyboard? Clean it

Dirty mouse or keyboard? Clean it As children, many kids had the wonderful chore of washing mom and dad’s car in the summer. If your parents had a white car, you know that it was near impossible for it to look clean. White is a bad color for dirt, something many computer manufacturers don’t seem…

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HDD or SDD, What’s the difference?

HDD or SDD, What’s the difference? The hard drive is one of the components IT professionals look at when they’re buying a new computer, often worrying about things like read speed and storage space. Until a couple of years ago, there was only one type of internal hard drive available to computers, Hard Disk Drives…

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Intel gives processors a Turbo Boost

Intel gives processors a Turbo Boost A few months ago Intel released the Ivy Bridge processor. Subsequently, computer manufacturers have been releasing computers with the processor and have been extolling the benefits of upgrading, along with some new features like Turbo Boost. These terms can be confusing and could trick you into unnecessary upgrades. Here’s…

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