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Configuring Messages On Your iPad

Configuring Messages On Your iPad With the rise in popularity of tablets, there are many different devices available for personal and business use, with one of the most well-known being the iPad. Because many users often have more than one email linked to their device, apps like Messenger – which allows you to send messages…

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Wi-Fi Not Working On Your iPad?

Wi-Fi Not Working On Your iPad? What to do when your Wif-Fi isn’t working on your iPad… Tech gadgets have become so integrated with our daily lives that it is hard to imagine working without them. One of the most popular is the Apple iPad, but while these devices are sturdy, easy to use, and…

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The scent of Apple in the Air

The scent of Apple in the Air Back in September, Apple released the latest version of their operating system iOS 7. Speculation as to when new products were going to be released filled blogs and forums. One thing that most experts and Apple lovers predicted was that the operating system was designed with a specific…

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5 iOS 7 tips to increase battery life

5 iOS 7 tips to increase battery life Apple launched the latest version of their mobile operating system, iOS 7 in mid-September. The update was rolled out to almost all iPads and iPhones and brought with it some pretty massive changes. Now that it has been out for a few weeks, there are reports that…

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iPad tip: Turn on Safari's Bookmarks Bar

iPad tip: Turn on Safaris Bookmarks Bar The iPad has very quickly become the go-to device for many business-oriented users. It’s portability makes it an ideal candidate for the manager or owner on the move. One of the more common uses of the iPad is to surf the net, with most people using Safari. One…

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iPad keyboard's 3 useful shortcuts

iPad keyboards 3 useful shortcuts Apple is widely known for its user-friendly products that have a minimal learning curve. This is no different for their tablet – the iPad. It is easy to setup and use, the perfect companion for a business person on the move. One of the features that promote this usability is…

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Trouble downloading iPad apps?

Trouble downloading iPad apps? Your iPad Apps Aren’t Downloading? There are many different tools that business owners, managers, and employees consider useful. One of these is likely to be the tablet. Sure, some non-users might scoff at this, stating that this device is useless, but once they start to use it, the story changes! The…

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Here comes iOS 7

Here comes iOS 7 Each year, in early June, Apple has taken to hosting their annual developer’s conference – WWDC – which focuses on everything Apple. It is usually at these events that new versions of their popular mobile operating system – iOS – are introduced. This year’s announcement introduced a new version of the…

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Question? Use Google Now for iPad

Question? Use Google Now for iPad To some fans of Apple’s products the thought of using anything from Google is simply ludicrous. Why would you use something from a competitor? Well, it could be that the product or app is better than anything else out there. This is true for Google Search, which brings Google’s…

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iPad tip: Use keyboard shortcuts

iPad tip: Use keyboard shortcuts Using a tablet in the office or for business can help you be more productive or at the very least can make your job easier. One of the most popular tablets is the iPad, with many owners swearing that it has made them more productive. One common gripe, however, is…

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