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Excel 2013's Quick Analysis

Excel 2013’s Quick Analysis Microsoft Excel is one of the most versatile office tools available to business owners and managers. This spreadsheet creator allows users to track hours, sales, and really almost any kind of data. It also allows data to be manipulated, usually by visualizing it, so that it is easier to digest and…

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OneNote – 5 Things You May Not Know

OneNote – 5 Things You May Not Know How many people would you say use Microsoft Office? Well, according to Microsoft, it’s over one billion. The vast majority of users tend to stick with the big three programs – Word, Excel and PowerPoint – but there are other programs included in most versions of Office…

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How to adjust margins in Word

How to adjust margins in Word The word processor is one of the few programs that are absolutely essential to every industry, and can consequently be found on almost every computer. If you ask 100 people what program they use, at least 90% will answer Microsoft Word. Word is versatile and offers many features, including…

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How to save a Word file as a PDF

How to save a Word file as a PDF One of the more popular file formats used by businesses is the PDF (Portable Document Format). Download documents, brochures or other content online and chances are high they will be saved to your computer as PDFs. This file type is so popular largely because it saves…

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Keyboard shortcuts for presentations

Keyboard shortcuts for presentations Dread or love them, presentations are a part of almost every position in business. The most common tool used to create and show these presentations is Microsoft’s PowerPoint, in fact, many simply call a digital presentation a PowerPoint. Microsoft has implemented a few keyboard shortcuts that may help if you have…

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Excel 2013 – 3 keyboard shortcuts

Excel 2013 – 3 keyboard shortcuts When it comes to navigating a computer program like Microsoft Excel, the mouse is good, but the keyboard can be a heck of a lot better. Programs like Excel, worksheets in general, rely heavily on the keyboard for navigation, in fact, it’s not uncommon to see expert users forgo…

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Protect your Word documents

Protect your Word documents One of the most integral pieces of software for any business is the word processor. The most popular is without a doubt Microsoft’s Word. The reason being the numerous features which give users the ability to create a near infinite number of different documents. However, there are also features which go…

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Breaking your text for better formatting

Breaking your text for better formatting One of the cardinal rules of document creation is that you need white space. We are taught from a young age to separate our written thoughts into paragraphs which make them easier to read and make documents look professional. This has carried over to documents created using word processors…

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Still using Office 2003? Time to upgrade

Still using Office 2003? Time to upgrade In some industries, it happens slowly, while in others it happens at a blazing speed. The tech industry is one that never sits still; there is always something bigger, better, faster and newer being released. The problem many businesses have with this is that the changes are unaffordable,…

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Easily put graphs in your presentation

Easily put graphs in your presentation Presentations containing charts and graphs are a part of every business – some managers give presentations on a daily or weekly basis, while others do it once in a blue moon. The tool most business owners use to create and deliver presentations is Microsoft’s PowerPoint. While PowerPoint is great,…

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