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Computer Contact Management

Computer Contact Management As a business owner, you probably rely on a smartphone as your main form of connection with the office. It may even be your main communication device. If you use a smartphone, you likely have a large number of contacts, and if you have ever tried to manage these on your phone…

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Buying Smartphones

Buying Smartphones It’s December and that means the holiday season is in full swing. This also means that many people are busy shopping for gifts. As with the past few seasons, smartphones will be a popular gift this year. If you are planning to give a lucky person a smartphone this season, it might be…

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5 business financial apps

5 business financial apps When it comes to running a business, one function owners and managers have to get right is looking after their finances. This can be quite a chore, especially if you are less than proficient in this area. What makes it even tougher is if you are out of the office on…

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3 popular tablets compared

3 popular tablets compared One of the more popular devices these days is the tablet, it seems like almost everyone has one, or at least wants one. The problem is, there are so many to choose from that it can be a daunting task, especially when you’re looking for one for your business. To help…

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Better mobile etiquette: 6 tips

Better mobile etiquette: 6 tips How many times have you been in a meeting only to have a participant’s phone ring or vibrate? This is a common occurrence and to many, this is the type of interruption that drives them nuts. While smartphones have changed our lives, mostly for the better, there are still times…

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Perch allows you to spy on competitors

Perch allows you to spy on competitors Competitive research – the act of keeping track of what your competitors are doing – is an integral part of business Managers and owners need to be sure that what they are doing is at least as good as or one step ahead of their competitors in the…

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How to preserve your battery’s life

How to preserve your battery’s life Breaking Bad is a show about cooking drugs Why mention it on our blog? Well, in an episode in the first season the two main characters are stuck in the New Mexico scrub with a dead battery. Through elementary level chemistry, they power up their machine and are off…

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Which mobile OS has the best security?

Which cellphone OS has the best security An apple, a robot, a window and a blackberry walked into a phone store…Just kidding, they represent the four major mobile systems that make up the operating systems of the smartphone world. The devices that use these OSs have sparked massive debate from pundits over which is better…

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