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Mark Lyon Group Service Promotion

Mark Lyon Group Service Promotion LG Networks, Inc. Managed Solutions Promotes Customer Service in Mark Lyon Groups’ IT Environment Online PR News – 02-October-2011 –As one of the most trusted skip trace firm in North America , Dallas-based Mark Lyon Group knows that the key to success in their industry is superior customer service –…

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Small Business Service Needs

Small Business Service Needs All the communications and technology services your small business needs LG Networks is now an Authorized Reseller of Cbeyond! With Cbeyond, you can get all of your communications from one provider, on one bill using a 100% Cisco powered network: Voice and Broadband – BeyondVoice Office and BeyondVoice Mobile editions, including high-speed…

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Microsoft to Cease Windows XP Support in 2014

Microsoft to Cease Windows XP Support in 2014 If you use Window XP, it might just be the time for you to upgrade (or at least start planning to upgrade) as Microsoft has announced plans to pull the plug on Windows XP support in 2014. While that may be a couple of years away, it…

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Online Banking Attacks

Online Banking Attacks Hackers Get Away With $63,000 in Online Banking Attack Hackers continue to target online banking transactions as many SMBs do not realize the vulnerabilities in their current arrangements with their bank. Left unaddressed, you run the risk of allowing cyber-criminals to steal tens of thousands of dollars right from under your nose.…

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Internet Security has a Bright Future

Internet Security has a Bright Future Initiatives such as WebBlaze and BitBlaze from the mind of IT genius Professor Dawn Song are setting the bar high for security Constantly providing solutions developers can use to create better security for their clients If you think hackers are the only ones doing their research to release newer…

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Business Benefits of Unfriending

Business Benefits of Unfriending The drive to be more intimate can benefit your business If you have a tighter circle of customers, you will establish yourself as a channel for consumption. This will make your next sale easier compared to the first. November 17, 2010 was declared by Jimmy Kimmel during his television show as…

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Protect Yourself when Using Public Wi-Fi Networks

Public Wi-Fi isn’t Always Safe Wi-fi Open up Wi-Fi networks are vital, especially for folks who will need to work on the go. But without the proper security, you will probably find that they can prove to be troublesome too. These types of days, more and additional persons are out and about, and various of…

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Phishing Alert for QuickBooks Customers

Phishing Alert for QuickBooks Customers Warning: Phishing for QuickBooks Customers CRUCIAL UPDATE FOR QuickBooks Buyers: Intuit is acquiring studies of individuals obtaining deceptive emails from QuickBooks or perhaps QuickBooks Online. The two separate emails ask consumers to either download a plug in to examine their security or down load a Digital Certificate. Buyers should delete…

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Security Tips

Security Resources, Articles, and Tips from the Government Looking for a website or online resource for Security Tips and Best Practices? Check out the Federal Trade Commission‘s (FTC) OnGuardOnline program, which the FTC began in partnership with cybersecurity experts, online marketers, consumer advocates, and federal officials in 2005. While there, check out the articles and…

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Good News for Small Businesses in the Bailout Act

Good News for Small Businesses in the Bailout Act Small companies will get a supporting hand which includes key bills under President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus plan, authorized into law on Feb 17 Around $282 billion dollars of the bill is definitely devoted to tax slices, including breaks for small companies. Some of the shows…

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