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Write better emails with these 6 tips

6 Tips that will Help you Write Better Emails Email has become the first choice communication medium for businesses of all sizes. Is actually not uncommon to observe individuals emailing one one other when they could as easily talk. While that can be extremely popular, many e-mails are poorly written, top rated to confusion and…

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The debate begins: Remote vs Office

Remote or Office The dream of many an office worker is to have the option to work from home, either full time or a couple of days each week at least. For many, this is an opportunity to be closer to family and avoid what might be a long commute to work. Many companies have…

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Be more productive with Boomerang

Be more productive with Boomerang Productivity is something many business owners and their employees strive for. Most would be out of work if they weren’t productive. Two of the most common productivity tools are email and the calendar. The only problem is email is usually separate from the calendar app and it can be a…

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A key to work-life balance: Productivity

A key to work-life balance: Productivity To many, the entrepreneur is viewed with admiration and jealousy. How come you have to work long hours for a company that doesn’t really care about you while the entrepreneur gets to run their own life and have a seemingly perfect work-life? This view, as many business owners know,…

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2013 is almost here, time to buy tech

2013 is almost here, time to buy tech When is the best time to buy tech? That’s right, the first few months of a new year are a great time to buy new technology for the office. This would have been a fairly easy task 10 years ago, as choice was considerably more limited. Now…

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To BCC, CC or To? Tis the question

To BCC, CC or To? Tis the question You’ve probably been sending emails for the better part of the past 15 to 20 years. They have become an essential communication tool, but did you know that there is a generally accepted etiquette when it comes to email? Most of us focus on certain rules when…

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Technology can hurt productivity

Productivity is Suffering from Technology There is an ‘instant’ feeling to so much of what we do and expect to be done in life that this has kind of clouded the way we interact with one another. For example, if we receive an email, the sender expects an instant reply and if we don’t reply…

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Make your tech devices get along

Do you remember playing in the sandbox as a child? It was usually you and your friends having a ball building sand castles or tunnels. However, should any rival group get near your toys, it was an all out turf war. It seems that this is almost exactly like the state of play with technical…

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Compress files with these 5 programs

Compress files with these 5 programs “Please see attached” three words which have become synonymous with files attached to an email Often, there is more than one file to send, or files can be large, which takes up bandwidth. Sending these files can be a real pain. To make things easier and quicker, you could…

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Remote workers unproductive? Fix it

Remote workers unproductive? Fix it Have you ever been sitting at your computer at work, buried up to your ears with somewhat trivial tasks and wished you could do all this from a more comfortable environment, or your home even? You’re not alone, and many professionals have switched over to a remote office, where they…

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