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Social Media in 2014

Social Media in 2014 Social media, while still fairly new, is starting to enter a more mature phase. Most businesses have a presence on one or more social media platforms and are comfortable with at least the basics. As we start 2014 however, social media is growing and businesses will find that they need to…

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Get The Most Out Of LinkedIn

Get The Most Out Of LinkedIn Social media brings many different benefits to business users, and one of the most useful is that they provide businesses with a way to connect with their customers on a deeper level. It’s true that Facebook is the most popular network, but LinkedIn is also a valuable platform that…

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Are you easy to find on social media?

Are you easy to find on social media? There are many factors that contribute to business success And one of the more recent ones is a corporate social media identity. Sure, simply having a presence doesn’t mean a business will be successful, but it will go a long way in helping gain valuable and important…

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Instagram – 3 ways to use it

Instagram – 3 ways to use it In order to reach a bigger market or expand brands, companies are increasingly turning to social media. The network of choice for many businesses is Facebook, and while it is great, actually creating visual content like images is tough. That’s why Instagram could be quite useful. Because it…

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Harness the power of social media

Harness the power of social media Marketing is an essential part of any business strategy, and these days social media has become one of the most important mediums you can use to convey your corporate message and brand. A common issue many small businesses have however is how exactly to go about using social media…

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Who else wants to know 5 social trends?

Who else wants to know 5 social trends? Marketing has changed drastically since the integration of social media. It’s now expected that as a business you will have a social media presence and that it is active. One major problem many small businesses face though is that social media is always changing, often creating confusion…

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Are you on Instagram?

Are you on Instagram? Social media platforms are continually being introduced, and in order for them to become popular, they often capitalize on a niche area. Many of these networks are utilized by businesses, who use them to extend their brand and connect with customers and potential clients. One network that many businesses are just…

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Find customers on LinkedIn

Find customers on LinkedIn There are numerous social media networks available for business owners and managers hoping to expand their business and connect with their customers. LinkedIn is the network for professionals wanting to connect with colleagues, but did you know that this network is also potentially useful for finding new customers? Here are five…

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New layout and features for Google+

One of the most popular Internet-based services is social media. It has drastically changed the way we communicate and interact with one another. One of the bigger platforms, Google+, has been consistently playing catch-up with other more popular services. However, Google recently announced and rolled out a big update to Google+ that should make it…

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Social media is for more than marketing

Social media is for more than marketing Marketing is an integral element of any business strategy, and social media is largely seen to now be a large part of any company’s marketing initiative. If leveraged correctly, various social media platforms could give your company a marketing boost that few other campaign types could. But, did…

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