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Pinterest offers two new features

Pinterest offers two new features One of the most important tools of a modern marketing plan is social media. With the various platforms leveraged correctly, social media could be the best way to expand your brand and gain vital exposure. Pinterest, the newest major social network which all about sharing images, has recently had its…

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Social media trend: The hashtag

The Hashtag When it comes to social media, each user has their network of preference. Many chose to use more than one, and because of this, trends from one tend to transfer over to others. One such popular idea, first launched on Twitter is now being used on almost every network. Yes, we are talking…

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Learn more about interviewee

Getting Ready for an Interview As a species we are social, needing relationships to survive. That’s likely why social media websites have taken off so successfully. They give us a way to interact, even when we are physically alone. Companies have found that these sites are great marketing tools that can build a brand better…

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5 trendy social media trends for 2013

5 trendy social media trends for 2013 New Year is always exciting It’s an opportunity to look back on the past year and reflect on what you did right and wrong. It’s also perfect timing to look forward at what the year ahead brings. One thing businesses should look into is what 2013 will bring…

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Employees share views on social media

Employees share views on social media There are always articles extolling the virtues and advantages of social media, and many of them have good ideas that can really help businesses One thing many of the articles don’t focus on is how employees feel about using social media in the office. A survey and report published…

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How to leverage sales with Pinterest

How to leverage sales with Pinterest The world has changed Thanks to companies like Amazon, many people no longer go to brick and mortar stores, they now shop online – commonly referred to as ‘e-commerce’. While this has led to somewhat of a downfall for physical commerce – the main street is looking a little…

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Learn from these 5 LinkedIn mistakes

Learn from these 5 LinkedIn mistakes Professional social networks like LinkedIn are a great way for professionals, experts, companies and job searchers to connect with one another. Like any social network, LinkedIn does take a bit of work in order to see benefits. If you have an account with LinkedIn there are some things you…

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Is your biz on LinkedIn? It should be

Is your biz on LinkedIn? It should be One of the greatest mediums to simultaneously connect with customers while building brand is social media. Companies and their employees have taken to it in droves, and many with moderate to great success. One service that has been adopted by professionals, and in fewer numbers by businesses,…

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Make your sales department social

Socialize your Sales Department There are many different ways a company can sell its products to customers, and one of the most underutilized is selling through social media. From one-man operations to multinational corporations, social media should be an integral part of marketing strategies. For many small businesses, social media is a new frontier that…

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Social networks and you. Which is best?

Which Social Network is Right for you One of the most prevalent aspects of modern technology is social media. Many companies and people have adapted it as a part of daily life, some going so far as to rely on it as their main form of communication. There’s no doubt as to the benefits of…

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