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Microsoft Animation Trigger

Trigger Animation On Click of an Object in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 In Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, you can set an animation to trigger when you click on an object. This is a simple way to add and control interactivity to your presentation. To add an animation trigger, select an object that already has animation applied to…

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Use Your Android Phone Like a USB Key

Work with Your Android Phone Just like a USB Key In the event you own an Android mobile phone, you are able to make usage of it as a substitute for a disk drive or a USB major. You can load data files into your phone merely by plugging it into a PC with a…

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Hide Windows Desktop Gadgets Quickly

If you are using Windows Gadgets (or those small mini-applications that are embedded on your desktop that show interesting things like the latest news, weather updates, or sports scores), you may sometimes wish you can just quickly hide them to declutter your workspace. In Windows 7, you can do just that. Simply right-click on the…

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Unsend Emails Sent Using Gmail

The Secret Way to Unsend Emails Using Gmail Have you ever sent an email and then immediately regretted sending it? If you are using Gmail as your mail client, you can do just that with an interesting but buried option in Gmail settings. To enable this feature, go to Mail Settings in Gmail (upper right…

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How to change monitor screen resolution

Ideas for Changing the Display Resolution of Your Screen The clarity of text communication and pictures on the screen can depend generally how you set the monitor’s screen resolution. Intended for high resolutions, such because 1280 by 1024 px, you can display even more on the screen–but textual content message and images will certainly appear…

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Outlook Attachment Reminders

Neglect to Include an Connection in Outlook? Get a Reminder! Will you sometimes neglect the file attachments you meant to include in a message? Thanks to a free plugin for Outlook, now you can be alerted when you do just that. Go to CodeTwo’s website and down load the free Outlook Accessory Reminder. Install and…

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Windows Control Panel Options

In Windows 7, when you access the control -panel window in the first place Menu …by simply default you open the window using the Category view, and what you see is a reduced set of possible actions you can do from the control panel display. You can change the view to Icons to get a…

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Outlook Color Coded Messages

Color Code Messages Addressed in Outlook In Outlook, you can color code messages addressed simply to you, to very easily identify messages that will be even more important or require actions from you. Go to the Tools menu and choose Organize Inside the “Using Colors” section, pick the “Turn on” button following to “Show messages…

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Integrated View of Google Services in Firefox

Do you frequently use Google’s online services such as Gmail, Calendar, and Reader? Do wish there were a way you could view all of these services in one page? If you use Mozilla Firefox as your browser, you’re in luck. Firefox has a free Addon called “Integrated Gmail” which allows you to view these services…

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Save Files Directly to the Cloud

You Can Save Files Directly to the Cloud Perform you wish you can save files you get online directly to a cloud storage service supplier? With this helpful innovative free tool called Cloud Help you save can. Cloud Conserve exists for the Google Chrome browser at the Google Chrome webstore. When you install the extension…

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