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Converting Currencies Using Google

Might like to do a quick currency change? You should use Google for that Simply key in the sum in the original foreign currency, then the currency you want to convert this to. For example, enter: “100 dollars in yen” or “100 dollars in Mexican Pesos” and verify out the results. In the event that…

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Mac OSX Desktop Apps

Set which Desktop Applications will Open on Mac OSX Lion The Mac introduced the concept of using multiple “Desktops” (previously called “Spaces”) using Lion’s Mission Control application. Using Mission Control, you can specify which desktop applications will automatically open in which desktops by default. To set your preferences, select and right-click (Or ctrl+click or two-finger click)…

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Set Switch Preference

Orientation Lock or Mute on Your iPad If you use an iPad, there is a switch conveniently located at the right side of the device which you can set to either lock the orientation of the screen or to mute the audio when you slide the switch—depending on your preference. To set your preference, go…

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Changing the Default Apps on your Android Device

Changing the Default Apps on your Android Device If you, for example, install multiple media player applications on your Android device, you’ll find that Android will give you the choice of which application to launch by default when you open a media file or document. However, you may later want to change this default setting…

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Pause a Powerpoint Slideshow

How to Pause a Powerpoint Slideshow with Just a Press of a Button Whenever presenting in front of an audience, sometimes it can necessary to pause the PowerPoint slideshow for a few minutes to focus on a point, answer target audience questions, or to merely take a rest. Instead of leaving the presentation or perhaps…

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Rename Files Quickly in Windows 7

Quickly Rename Files in Windows 7 With Windows 7, there are much easier and faster ways to rename multiple files in a sole sweep. The first way is to click on a file’s name and rename it as typical, then press the “Tab” key to access the next file in the list. One other way…

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Search within a Site Easily Using Google Chrome

Search Within a Site Very Easily Using Google Chrome Google Chrome allows you the alternative to search within a specific site. First type the web address of the site you want to search in the address club, and then press the “Tab” key. If Google Chrome has a record of the site’s search engine, you’ll…

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Change Your Mouse Pointer Easily in Windows

Exchange the Speed, Look, and Behavior of Your Mouse button Pointer Easily in House windows In Home windows, there are several choices for configuring the speeding, look, and behavior of your mouse pointer to accurately how we want that. For this, click in the Start button, and then click The control panel. Press Hardware and…

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How to change monitor screen resolution

Ideas for Changing the Display Resolution of Your Screen The clarity of text communication and pictures on the screen can depend generally how you set the monitor’s screen resolution. Intended for high resolutions, such because 1280 by 1024 px, you can display even more on the screen–but textual content message and images will certainly appear…

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Outlook Attachment Reminders

Neglect to Include an Connection in Outlook? Get a Reminder! Will you sometimes neglect the file attachments you meant to include in a message? Thanks to a free plugin for Outlook, now you can be alerted when you do just that. Go to CodeTwo’s website and down load the free Outlook Accessory Reminder. Install and…

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