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Hire the perfect VA in 5 easy steps

Hire the perfect VA in 5 easy steps The job of a manager and entrepreneur requires an investment of serious time. You’re never focused on one task, rather you’re trying to focus on every job that needs to be done, yesterday. Sometimes you’re pulled in so many different directions that you can feel ineffective. One…

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Curious about server virtualization?

Curious about server virtualization? Virtualization is a buzzword thrown around the tech community on a seemingly hourly basis From the outside looking in it seems that everything is, and has to be, virtualized these days, and if it isn’t you’re lagging behind the times. This has led to somewhat of a craze, that can be…

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It’s getting a bit cloudy out there

One of the bigger tech trends of 2012 was the cloud. Browse through tech news and it’s hard not to see some news piece on some form of cloud technology While at times the media can be critical there have been lots of positive coverage about the cloud. Companies large and small are starting to…

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Coming soon: Non dedicated mobiles

Coming soon: Non dedicated mobiles There are numerous tech buzzwords that surface each year, one of the more common in the past couple of years is virtualization Being able to take physical systems and replace with a cheaper, often more efficient, virtual version, is something many businesses appreciate. Up to this point, most solutions have…

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