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Spring Updated to 3.1, More Springy Than Ever

Spring Updated to 3.1, More Springy Than Ever There are a number of things application developers have had to deal with in the past, especially when working with Java When their company asked for a new application they would first have to build a framework, and then build the application. This was a time consuming…

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Google Drives SlideRocket Presentations

Google Drives SlideRocket Presentations VMware is a company that has historically dedicated to virtualization solutions that make executing business easier and even more efficient With the industry’s purchase of SlideRocket, a great online presentation collaboration device, VMware provides another important feature to any organization. With integration with a new cloud storage software, this tool has…

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View your desktop from anywhere

View your desktop from anywhere How to See Your Desktop from Anywhere While being able to access your desktop while you’re outside the office is an option you’ve had for a number of years, it’s only now starting to really take off. This is made possible by companies like VMware who offer products that allow…

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View your desktop from your phone?

View your desktop from your phone? With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, it is hard for small and medium businesses to keep up with the new software and computers One tech trend that has enabled users to get more out of their existing hardware is virtualization. A cool thing about virtualization is that…

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